A Way You Can Anonymously Tell Quinnipiac Students to "Please Quiet Down"

Launching on March 1st, kricket.co, a free online service, will allow Hamden residents to send an anonymous text to their neighbor asking them "Please Quiet Down" in the event of a loud off campus student gathering. The service was created by Quinnipiac University students to alleviate the stress Hamden residents have with Quinnipiac Students and to give the students the opportunity to quiet down before an intervention by the Hamden PD. If you live near a student house, be sure to sign up on March 1st for this free service. For more information, please email us at connor@rateandrent.com.
avisconti7 March 01, 2014 at 08:43 AM
QU was a small college before becoming a university. Now going down on Mt. Carmel rd is not a thrill of mine. Before my insurance company was on Whitney Ave and I had to go down a small side street. I know what you mean. They are also using condos as houses. We did have them here but not anymore. They got caught doing drugs. Also they use the Canal as a place to ride their bikes. They don't follow the rules on the canal. Most of us at the condo walk our dogs when the canal is good. We have to avoid being hit by speeding bikers. They don't let you know where they are going. Also they are supposed to say on the left or on the right. Because our backs are in the certain areas we would appreciate anyone doing it.
Joe Callanan March 06, 2014 at 10:41 AM
Hahaha biggest bunch of cry baby's in this town it's not even funny


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