Supporting troops & veterans with more than lip service
Supporting troops & veterans with more than lip service

Eilhys England Hackworth, Chair of STAND FOR THE TROOPS (SFTT),
announced today that a member of the SFTT PTS/TBI Rescue Coalition has 50 slots
available to treat veterans with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that have not
responded to the standard counseling and medication. These candidates have an
opportunity to receive free hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) as part of an
FDA and Army approved study.  The
treatment protocol, developed by Dr.
Paul Harch
in New Orleans, is one of the promising and replicable clinical
research and treatment options identified and encouraged by Stand
For The Troops
 PTS/TBI Rescue Coalition. For 15
years, SFTT, a
501(c) 3 nonprofit apolitical educational foundation based in Greenwich, CT,
has dedicated its resources to safeguarding the physical, mental and emotional
well-being of America’s serving and returning frontline troops.

 “SFTT salutes Dr. Harch for his innovation and persistence in
adapting hyperbaric oxygen technology for his innovative cutting-edge treatment
of traumatic brain injury. TBI, with its frequent companion Post Traumatic
Stress, is one of the tragic legacies of the Iran and Afghanistan conflicts.
Sadly, standard treatment has not kept pace.” said England Hackworth, “Because
there is no one silver bullet for treating TBI and PTS, our volunteer Medical
Task Force of national and local medical and psychiatric experts is constantly
on the lookout for those that, like Dr. Harch’s HBOT, provide positive

 In March of this year, Major Ben Richards US Army (Ret.) was
awarded the Purple Heart for dozens of blasts, suicide car bombers and
exploding IED's underneath vehicles sustained while leading his Stryker Cavalry
troop on missions in Iraq. His ‘invisible’ wounds caused debilitating
Traumatic Brain Injury and cut short a promising military career. SFTT
intervened to get him the new HBOT treatment with Dr. Harch at no cost. Today, Ben Richards
has reclaimed his life and credits SFTT with helping him regain it.  

 The free, fully funded HBOT study is being
conducted in New Orleans. It is open to the first 50 applicants with mild TBI
persistent post-concussion symptoms incurred between 6 and 10 years ago.  All
participants will receive 8 weeks of HBOT treatment and a 6-month follow up
visit in New Orleans. Half of the study group will have a control wait period
first.  Other than personal living costs
while in New Orleans, the treatment is fully funded and SFTT is working to
supplement living costs on a case by case basis.  SFTT may be able to provide air
transportation options for participants who cannot afford travel to New
Orleans. Veterans interested in applying
should contact SFTT at
SFTTgrunt@optonline.net or Phone 203-629-0288 (Monday –Friday only, between 9:30AM and
4:30PM EST)



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