CT Union of College Republicans

Announcement to all CT College Republicans: 

We will be pushing back our original July 13th meeting to the beginning or August. There were some logistical problems booking the room and there is also a Young Americans for Liberty conference that I and other members will be attending in Washington D.C. 

If anyone would like to attend and needs more information you can contact Gabriella Hoffman or myself for more details. I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th holiday weekend, and had the chance to see Dinesh D'souza's Documentary "America" It something every American should see. Also keep your eyes out on the E-newspaper, The CT Patriot for my review of the film. 

I will also send out an email about the new date as well as briefing you and our next agenda items. Until then, let us continue our campaign work and see this thing through all the way to November. 

Nick Givas 
State Chairman 
Conn. Union of College Republicans


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