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Jackson Disregards A Community's Voice

Another politician disregarding his community's voice in favor of pleasing political cronies and someone else's city. You may not care today, but Mayor Jackson wants to sit on a throne up in Hartford. These types of politics has got to STOP!

Frank Laudano May 05, 2014 at 05:25 PM
First, I am disabled and was unable attend this meeting about an issue we have been fighting for years. I have attended many previous meetings, even a one on one with Scott Jackson, who I now refuse to even refer to as Hamden mayor any longer, in which he assured me that this exact thing would not happen. From what I understand, this fence was put up at the expense of the Town of Hamden in the 1960's or earlier, on property that was surveyed and confirmed as Hamden property. Somewhere around 2005 there were meetings about reinforcing the existing fence. To my knowledge it was either resurveyed or the plans were at the very least, rechecked, to assure us that our town wasn't putting money into something that New Haven was fighting to remove. It must have been once again proven to be Hamden property, or else New Haven would have taken it down at that time. The fence was reinforced and crime diminished on the Hamden side. Now we are being told that about a month or two ago, the information regarding the survey of the town lines along the area of the Woodin Street fence, had conveniently disappeared, forcing the area to be resurveyed at Hamden's expense, by someone of Jacksons choosing. From what I have heard, the Hamden "mayor" (to my knowledge, the only Hamden mayor to be so outspoken about wanting the fence removed) hired someone who has done extensive work for the City of New Haven, and, surprise, they found that the City of New Haven has owned half of the street into Hamden all this time. This information was kept secret by our "mayor" until about 4 days before the fence was scheduled to be removed, only after being asked for the results of the survey by our district representative, making it virtually impossible for this to be stopped by the residents who voted this man into office to represent us. From what we were told at a meeting in August 2013, where "mayor" Jackson lost his temper with his constituents and had to be removed to "cool down" and where former New Haven mayor John Distefano assured us that the removal of the fence would be "taken off of the table", there are certain processes that need to be followed. From my point of view it seems that none of this is the case, and that we were lied to by not only the New Haven mayor, but ours as well just to pacify us while they figured out a way to push this through without our knowledge. As a Hamden resident whose property value is going to drastically drop, and whose street is now going to be the main thru way to the Hamden Plaza, I ask, what is my recourse? If given enough time to prove that the fence is on Hamden property, do we get to sue New Haven for removing it as they have repeatedly threatened to do to us for not removing it? If they have owned half of the street all this time, and have not maintained it, why has it been maintained at Hamden taxpayers expense? Shouldn't we at the very least be compensated for this for the past 50-60 years? Now that traffic is going to be increased so drastically on our streets, shouldn't we at least be given time to install all of the stop lights, speed bumps and signs that will be needed? And will all of these additional expenses be paid for by the City of New Haven? Or, will these expenses be incurred by the tax payers of the Town of Hamden, along with additional road maintenance due to the increased traffic? Hamden itself has done very little to curb the speeding in our area. Are we to believe that New Haven will be responsibly when the inevitable happens? And finally, why, if New Haven knew that this was such a big issue, did they try to keep this such a secret, and continue building houses facing a fence that they were not sure would be removed and have roads leading right up to this fence? You can understand that from my point of view, this seems like it was planned by New Haven, and substantially helped along by our own mayor.
WoodinStPosse May 06, 2014 at 07:55 AM
Frank, as a resident of the area I feel your outrage through your words as I read. Jackson has followed the footsteps of his mentors Malloy and Obama in regards to blatant disregard for public opinion and disrespect for the people he represents. Jackson is paving his road right up to Hartford through our neighborhood at our expense. As you've mentioned, this pertinent information was withheld until a time where it was too late to react. All that can be done now is to let Connecticut know what a snake Jackson is and keep him out of any municipal office. There's no room for his antics and betrayal of constituents. Toni Harp did her job, she was voted in by Housing authority resident, she gave them what they wanted at our expense. Jackson made her ride all the more smoother in exchange for wink and a head nod in the future.
mentor281 May 08, 2014 at 12:41 PM
Jackson and Harp are both Malloy's lap dogs. He has taught them well how to bite the hands that feeds them. Hopefully, come November the voters of Hamden as well as Connecticut will show some interest and intelligence and show them the door.


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