Jewelry Designer in Westville Supports Brooksvale Park

sapling photo courtesy of: Mary Jo Hoffman | stillblog.net
sapling photo courtesy of: Mary Jo Hoffman | stillblog.net

Commitment to the Community

Local jewelry designer Derek Mirabilio, of Mirabilio Natural Designs puts his community at the center of his designs.  The brand specializes in jewelry with one-of-a-kind natural elements and hand-burned accents. The pieces are sensible and functional, while connecting individuals to the outdoors. Through his passion for the outdoors Derek has established the Sustainability through Educational & Environmental Development (SEED) Program.

“Giving back to the community where we work is a deeply held value at Mirabilio,” Derek says. “By partnering with local organizations we are proud to make contributions towards projects that strengthen our community. Not only does it make the community a better place today, it also secures its sustainability for generations to come!”

Through the SEED program, Mirabilio makes donations to local educational or environmental development projects. From April 22 to July 4, Mirabilio will donate 10% of all sales to Brooksvale Park. They are home to a delicious sugar maple farm and with your contribution Mirabilio will purchase and plant more saplings inside the park. 

This program will benefit the local environment and help guarantee the sustainability of the environmental education program at Brooksvale.

“We are very thankful to Derek for his willingness to help Brooksvale's Maple Sugaring operation. Ours is mostly an educational program where over 8,000 fourth graders have learned all about this sustainable craft over the last 10 years.  Derek's donation will be used to purchase sugar maple saplings to help keep our Sugar bush healthy long into the future.” Vincent Lavorgna, Brooksvale Park Ranger

You can visit mirabilio.com to learn more about this exciting brand and see their 2014 collection.


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