Members of Pack 610 learned recently learned that on a farm, the animals always need to be fed no matter how wet the weather.


Even when it rains or snows or sleets, a farmer needs to do the chores.

Maybe, if you were a child growing up on a farm, you’d know what those chores were. If you’re a child growing up in Hamden though, you may not have a clue.

The scouts of Pack 610 came out in the rain to feed supper to the animals who call home and experience just a little slice of what life might have been like on a farm “back in the day.”

Despite the cold and the rain, not minding the mud and the poop (!), each of the six scouts, some parents and one dedicated little sister joined me for an evening feeding on the farm. Buckets filled with hay and a few treats of apples and carrots too, they fed the Rabbits, Goats, Sheep and Ponies and learned a bit about what the animals role is on a farm.

I’m not sure they liked when I told them that animals are either for food, clothing or to do work for you and then asked what the rabbits job was! I assured them all that our rabbits are for teaching and learning and yes, cuddling and that’s all. “Cookie”, a lop bunny was very happy with the cuddling and petting she received.

Thanks to all of you boys and we’ll see you again soon at the park. I’m sure we can find another job for you. Hopefully not in the rain next time!


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