He Survived a Hanging, Now Needs a Home

Drake, a pit bull mix, was hung from a tree by his former owners, but saved at the last minute and now needs a home.

From Meriden Animal Control:

My name is Drake. I am a 1.5 yr old Bull Terrier/Pitbull Terrier mix.

I am very handsome in person..my brindle coat is beautiful and glistens in sun like cinnamon and sugar! 

My story begins with a good Samaritan saving my life. See, I would not fight or I did not fight well so they hung me from a tree to die. A good Samaritan saw me, cut me down and brought me to a loving couple who rehabbed me and loved me.

They did not have much money to vet me, or experience with powerful breeds like mine, but they loved me and treated me like a king. I had the run of house, I slept with them, my very, very, best friend in the whole world was a kitty...pictures and video of me with this kittie are available at MAC's FB page.

I used to go to the park and hike, run and swim. I had a good life. Even though people had tried to get me to be fighter I have played nicely with many dogs (including a blind dog). I DO NOT do well with little dogs, but I loved my kitty so it does not appear I have prey drive. I am an alpha and I am fine as long as the other dogs submit to me. 

I would need to be vetted and have some good training and strong leadership in my life before it would be a good idea for me to be with other dogs again. I am not dog aggressive 100 percent...I am a dominant dog, but I have played and even lived with other dogs before. (Due to the stress and transition that Drake is going through we do not feel he can handle a house with other dogs right now...he would be too stressed entering another new environment and we feel that would lead to a negative situation and him being returned.)

My owners kept me for almost a year before the landlord discovered me and demanded they get rid of me. They tried for a few weeks to get me a new home but no one adopted me so I landed at the pound. I am doing okay though. I have been a good boy with everyone and besides crying a little and pawing at my cage I seem to be handling this traumatic turn of events OK.

Many people tried to help me find a new home on Facebook and an experienced rescuer who knows me has vouched for me--I am a GREAT boy with a heart of gold...I just need a new home with someone who can be the leader. I am only 1.5 years old and I am dominant..this will only get worse as I mature. I need to be vetted and trained. I could be an excellent canine citizen but I must be placed with a pit-savvy person who understands that sometimes I can get out of hand if I think I am running the show.

I am a very loving and silly boy in a home. I am mellow and happy and I love, love people. I have never been around children. I was house trained as well. I need leash work...my old owners let me pull them around..see, I really need someone who will not let me lead! I need to only be the dog, NOT the person in charge!--I really can't handle all the pressure! 

I have tons of potential. Even with a broken heart and the stress of being alone at the pound, I am still a good boy. I do listen to the people at the pound..proof that I will respond to leadership. One of my fans came to visit me at the pound..I did a happy dance when she approached my cage and then I celebrated outside with her by being silly and rolling on my back getting belly rubs.

I really am just a pup who can be transformed into whatever someone wanted...if they invest in me, I will be an amazing dog!! I came from hell, learned to love and was a good boy in home with no real structure..imagine how great I would be in a consistent stable home?!!

I have survived death once, I am beating the odds at the pound with all the love and attention from people trying to help me...I beleive I can cheat death again and find a new forever home! Please help me find a home that will help me learn how to be a good and responsible canine citizen and will never have to let me down....PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE! Will you rescue me?

For more info about Drake, please email paw364@yahoo.com.


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