Sold! Property Transfers

Put On The Coffee - The New Neighbors Are Here.

March 23, 2011

555 Sherman Avenue,Unit C-17,  Clean Gear of Connecticut, LLC to Edward M and Laura J, Richetelli, Quitclaim.

68 Woodlawn Street, Peter V. Basserman to Golden Properties, LLC, $290,000.

March 24, 2011

2600 Downes Road, Kurt J Sablitz to State of Connecticut DEP, Warranty

March 25, 2011

53 Adla Drive, Louise N. Festa to Robert L. Festa, Quitclaim

895 Shepard Avenue, Lawrence D. Warner to Lee S. Thorton, $212,000.

March 28, 2011

59 Harmon Street, Karl Zukunft and Steven M. Lettick Committee to Skiff- Whitney Associates, $230,000.

142 North Street, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lynn Mongillo, Other

March 29, 2011

23 Easton Street, Jeffrey Ervin to Linda C. Thompson and Angel Canales Jr., $90,000.

536 Hill Street, Kelly Panaroni to Keanne J. LeVasseur and David R. Vance, Warranty

104 Orchard Heights Drive, Jill L. Bowens to Tracy L. Bowens, Quitclaim

March 30, 2011

178 Bender Road, Eva Barstis to Margaret Armination, $27,500.

1822 Dixwell Avenue, M. Kaplan to 1822 Dixwell LLC, Quitclaim

200 Hogan Road, Estate of Jennifer W. Lester to Linda McCarthy-Remetz, $227,700.

5 Pickwick Road, Federal National Mortgage Associates to Joseph and Sarjan Banks, Warranty.

134 Sanford Street, Unit 6, Charles J. Raymond to Jessie A. Shah, $200,000.

2610 State Street, Nicholas Mastracchio to Mastracchio Real Estate LLC, Quitclaim


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