Economic Development: More Gains Than Losses in Hamden in 2013

Businesses continued to grow in Hamden in 2013, according to the town's Economic Development Director.

The construction of a new Quinnipiac Bank and Trust was one win for the town in 2013. Credit: Patch File Photo.
The construction of a new Quinnipiac Bank and Trust was one win for the town in 2013. Credit: Patch File Photo.

In a tumultuous economy and real estate market, Hamden experienced positive business growth in 2013 and there already are new projects approved for 2014 and beyond.

That's the assessment from Economic Development Director Dale Kroop, who said that in 2013, more than 25 new business opened or grew throughout Hamden. 

There was growth in Health Care, including Amity Physical Therapy, Family Dental, Express Care and Urgent Care; Manufacturing, including Taylor Freezer and the Burt Processing expansion; Restaurants, including Eli's on Whitney, Cast Iron Soul and Chipotle, and other small businesses, such as JW Moving, DC Luxe, Minuteman Press, Monkeys Joes, Kroop said. 

Additionally several businesses grew into new or expanded space, such as Lee Partyka Chevy and Mazda, AAA and Quinnipiac Bank and Trust, he said. 

Hamden continues to have very low vacancy rates even in a difficult economy, Kroop said.

 "New space has been created to provide more opportunities for small businesses in 2014 and beyond," he said. "Several projects are approved or are under construction." 

NU Development is in the process of redeveloping the former Centerville Lumber property, which will included a five story mixed-use building, a three story hotel and a rehabilitation of the 13,000 SF. original Centerville Lumber building

Next to Mount Carmel Post Office is construction of a 14,000 square foot mixed-use building, Kroop said.

The Hamden Business Incubator, a 40,000 square foot former school which is owned and developed By the Hamden Economic Development Corporation, is being developed in to a small business facility for up to 20 new businesses. 

But Hamden also experienced the loss of a key business in 2013, Kroop said, with the closure of the Stop and Shop at Putnam Avenue 

"It was a big loss for the community," Kroop said. 

Several other small businesses could not survive the economy, he said, but the net outcome for the town was positive for the year. 

"We feel bad for the people who depended on Stop and Shop for employment and goods," Kroop said. "While we recognize that some business loss is inevitable, we will continue to move forward and grow the local economy. We have good partners to call on tools to use such as business incentives and will keep marketing them in the region and through the State of Connecticut."


For further information about the Town's Business Incentive Program contact Dale Kroop at 203-287-7030, dkroop@hamden.com or visit us on the web at www.hamden-ct.com.

Thomas Alegi January 09, 2014 at 03:23 PM
Dale Kroop, left out, three of the largest growing businesses in Hamden, nail salons, followed by pizza restaurants then store front churches.
J D C January 09, 2014 at 07:37 PM
Thomas......... play nice. lol btw u forgot DOLLAR STORES!
Thomas Alegi January 10, 2014 at 10:09 AM
“Dale Kroop, who said that in 2013, more than 25 new businesses opened or grew throughout Hamden.” OK, with these 25 new businesses opened or growing throughout Hamden, how many jobs were created in 2013, due to these 25 new or growing businesses in Hamden? The State of Connecticut Department of Labor monthly unemployment figures tell a story that employment opportunities for Hamden residents in 2012-2013 fell. This decline in job opportunities for Hamden is estimated to last for some time…… JDC reminded me to play nice so here is the nice part of this comment…. Any employment opportunity estimates could change one way or the other, based on how the nation’s economy increases or decreases or just holds its own, not up or down. With that said, Mr. Kroop is the State of Connecticut Department of Labor correct with its unemployment figures for Hamden and its time estimate?
J D C January 10, 2014 at 11:18 AM
What a fluffy piece. Mr Kroop where is the MEAT and POTATO"S? Where are the big corporations? Yeah, its GREAT a few small businesses have been added but they will just get devoured by the big box stores that are here. And to echo Thomas, WHERE ARE THE JOBS? Relative to the jobs LOST from S&S closing we are in the hole for jobs. All this land and vacant space you speak of why not try and lure some job creating BIG BUSINESSES? Manufacturing jobs, not CASHIER jobs. You know, some SKILLED labor not ENTRY level jobs. Sure its good for our kids but what about the ADULTS who actually PAY THE BILLS? This must be the Democrat "build it from he middle class out" philosophy huh? I think I'll build my house and start at the ROOF and build DOWN too. Or frame it THEN pour the foundation.


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