What are the 2014 web design trends?

What are the web design trends for 2014 and how will they benefit small businesses?

Why look at trends in technology? Technology has an impact on how customers reach your business and carry out transactions on your site. Spotting trends and introducing new methods could give you an edge over your online competition. 2014 web trends aren’t suitable for every website application but they are useful to bear in mind when planning or redesigning your new website. Overall, I think web trends have remained quite consistent over the last two years but generally it’s going in the direction of flat looks, less heavy graphics, and responsive to cater for as many different screen sizes as possible. 

If you're looking to redesign your website here are some considerations you might want to think about. http://ctwebdesign.meerwebs.com/connecticut-web-design/2014-web-design-trends-and-benefits-for-small…

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