Fence Decision "A Victory For the People, By the People"

Ron Gambardella writes that it was residents who put a stop to a proposal to take down the Woodin Street fence.


To the Editor:

The New Haven Housing Authority (NHHA) on the night of Aug. 29th at the Keefe Community Center proposed removing three sections of fence bordering Woodin Street in Hamden.

The gist of their proposal was based on the idea that the majority of the new home construction would be owner occupied, with about 30 percent reserved for low income housing.

The NHHA concluded that the issues of the past would be mitigated due to owner occupancy and that this idea would greatly reduce the incidence of crime in the surrounding communities.

The people of Hamden gathered at the meeting (my guess upwards of about 300 people) were not buying a word that was spoken.

I came across an article published in the New Haven Register dated Sept 15th, 2004 concerning the Woodin Street fence that stated the following: “Much of the discussion centered on crime ranging from trespassing and vandalism to narcotics dealing coming from New Haven housing projects just south of Woodin Street.”

At the time, residents of the Woodin Street area were being terrorized by break-ins and frequent drug dealings. Memories were still fresh and vivid concerning the events of the recent past. Consequently, the folks were in no mood to discuss how the NHHA’s proposal was going to be any different from prior experience.

What was even more disconcerting was that the proposal to remove the fence did not offer any concrete ideas to address the concerns of the attendees and was doomed to fail from the start. This proposal should never have gone as far as it did. The folks were left with no alternative but to take matters into their own hands. Leadership from the mayor’s office was non-existent. Simply put, this was a victory for the people by the people.

With just a little historical research, any reasonable person would have concluded that a proposal of this nature had no chance to pass. The lack of leadership on the part of the Adminstration was evident and contributed to the tone of the meeting. The most amazing part of the story is related to how the people pulled together in a show of solidarity to overwhelmingly defeat the proposal. Outside of a court order, the fence will remain standing. Sadly though, given Hamden’s string of recent losses in the courts, the outcome of this issue is far from certain.

Ron Gambardella

Linda C September 04, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Well put Ron! Although once again any Leadership worth while from the Mayor's office was close to non existent. It was noticeable that had his opinion been given any validity, he most certainly would have ended up on the side of New Haven. Proving once again that Mayor Jackson's First and Only Priority is his OWN POLITICAL AGENDA! We can count on his stance to aways be with those he feels can push him forward! Leaving Hamden residents swinging in the wind. I hope in realizing just how much of a difference residents collaborate effort can make.That people continue to take action in ALL ASPECTS of Hamden's Government. This Administration has proved time and time again to be on the opposing side of Tax Payers and a voice of reason is needed now more than ever before! Although leaving the fence was an important issue for the safety of the area residents. Putting a cap on Frivolous spending in this town, in essence would stop us all from being ROBBED by continuous increasing mill rates. Great Job Hamden Residents, keep up the good work! Continue the Fight - Hamden Tax Payers Unite!
Hamdener September 04, 2012 at 05:07 PM
"How do you feel about the fence?" should be a question asked to every Hamden candidate running for mayor and town council with there replies published in the paper and online.
cheryl September 04, 2012 at 05:11 PM
We need new people to volunteer to be on councils, committees, and to run for office- conservatives, who know about the UN Agenda 21 mandates that are being implemented in this town and elsewhere in CT. We need good honest conservatives who do the RIGHT thing. Who can tell the truth about the politics of the day and not play the game thats being played on us. People who will stand up to the unions as in Wisconsin, Ohio and who will make positive changes for the "we the people" of CT,Hamden and surrounding towns and cities. Term limits as their first agenda - NO ONE should be in office for more than 2 terms, and NO sanctionary cities. If people research the UNITED NATIONS MANDATE- AGENDA 21- SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT you will find that ALL everything being implemented via federally, and locally are being all part of this massive action plan. AS O just signed another executive order thru the mask of the environmental agenda making industry harder to operate under new cafe standards when you trace every thing back you canonly come to the conclusion that everything thats being done is to forward this global united nations agenda 21. EVERYTHING- from healthcare, to banking, to finance, to student loans, to air, to energy, now food, farms, land use, its all part of it. including the wooden street fence, bike paths, traffic calming. its all related. When are you going to wake up and research this for yourselves. no one is mentioning it? do you wonder why,this massive stealth agdena?
Thomas Alegi September 04, 2012 at 05:59 PM
This court order, which Mr. Gambardella speaks of regarding the fence, is out there; remember there is federal money in this project. Only one New Haven or Hamden minority person has to claim the fence violates his/her civil rights and Hamden is using the fence to contain minorities in New Haven, is grounds for a federal court order. Maybe Mayor Jackson should do back and read the document that former Congressman Morrison and former L/C member Art Moan wrote regarding the fence. When these two men wrote their document regarding the fence with New Haven, New Haven used the argument, civil rights and containing minorities. That is why an opening had to be cut in the fence so all people could move freely from New Haven to Hamden and from Hamden to New Haven, that was done due to the minority issue. Like it or not by some that minority issue is stay here today. Therefore, Mr. Gambardella is correct when he wrote, “the outcome of this issue is far from certain”
cheryl September 04, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Minority issues, maybe partly a small part. This goes much deeper starting way back some 30 35 yrs ago or more. I'm telling you-eventually that fence will be removed. It will be removed as the resources are shared, resources including water,food, personel ie law enforcment, 1st responders ie firemen, regions will be develped not towns cities or states, people will be all inclusive only in certain areas in those regions and with limited travel. The first lady's speech tonight will mention the what she wants to accomplish in her second term she said wants to "impact the nature of food in grocery stores" with the aim of cutting sugar, fat and salt. What does that mean- will they be removed from the supermarket shelves as in NY with 32 oz sodas, salt, transfats? We are so being played. LOOK IT UP- ITS ALL THERE - thats why they also need to regulate the internet. Read about, educate yourselves, please for the sake of our town and our country- look it up. Agenda 21-sustainable development its a 300-350 page pdf file. Read about what they are implementing all under the mask of the environment. We should all be concerned. this is a radical global action plan to encompass all resources & the means of production, including humans. Thats us folks. Much bigger than a fence. Learn about it discuss it, cuz the media isn't talking about it. Its up to us to enlighten everyone what these local politicians and the feds are doing to our towns and cities and America.


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