Get the Patch App for Your New Smartphone

Follow your favorite hyper-local news site from the palm of your hand.


New electronic devices are one of the biggest gifts of the holidays, and now with smartphones, tablets and the like available, Patch has a free present for you. 

You follow Patch on websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, but have you downloaded our Patch app?

Well, now that you've got that new smartphone/tablet/fun electronic device, you should download the Patch app, which gives you up to the minute information from your local Patch site. 

You can search through the App Store on your device, or you can click here to get the Patch app for free on iTunes. Not only can you read news on it, but post photos and videos as well. 

Your storm-battered neighbors will attest, the Patch app was a big help when the power went out for days at a time in recent months. 

Happy browsing!

JimK December 31, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Okay, I guess it's time to say this yet again: Apple-only apps are stupid. Somewhere between half and 3/5ths (depending on who does the surveying) of all phones and tablets are Android.


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