NHR:Deconstructing in Newhall

As part of the ongoing remediation project, two homes were taken apart piece by piece and the materials will be resold. The New Haven Register documented some of that work Wednesday.


A local company known for being the ultimate recycler is teaming up with the towns' Economic Development Department and the Newhall Remediation project to make use of the materials coming from homes being taken down.

The New Haven Register reports today on Wednesday's deconstruction of two Winchester Avenue homes. Instead of demolishing them and hauling off the debris to a landfill, the homes are being taken down piece by piece and will resell much of those materials at it Manila Avenue business.

Urbanminers teamed up with the town and Gateway Community College to train people in deconstruction, Register reporter Ann DeMateo reports.

The are is being decontaminated of the remains of debris left behind by Remington Arms, which used the area as a dumping site. Later homes were built in the land that were later found to be contaminated.


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