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Are you a digital hoarder?? Can you part with your digital kingdom? Find out why I can't.

29,472 emails in my inbox.

17,849 emails in my outbox.

Hundreds upon hundreds of gigs of pictures going back 12 years (the majority of which I've never printed).

Hours upon hours of raw video on multiple hard drives.

Four totes of receipts, bills, old paycheck stubs and other business related papers that I might need if the IRS or an executive producer from Hoarders ever knocks on my door.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  

With the exception of those totes of papers tucked into a closet, you'd never know it.  With the exception of a backlog of laundry from time to time, I'm proud to say I have a clutter-free house.  Now that I'm engaged, it's considered acceptable for me to admit that I even burn Yankee candles and have dried hydrangea. 

Don't hate.

My digital life, on the other hand, is more backlogged than IRS agents trying to figure out Obamacare.  (Take a deep breath.  It was a joke.  Even IRS agents can't figure out Obamacare.)

The digital revolution has enabled us to become data hoarders and stash away anything and everything.

My computers are insanely organized and categorized - but my GOD are they packed with data that I'll probably never need or use again.

College essays that I wrote at 2 a.m.?  Old work projects?  WHY are we keeping these?

Tens of thousands of pictures that....with a little digital snafu....could disappear FOREVER....all because we took for granted the concept that they were safe or perhaps floating in a magical cloud somewhere.

Now that I've admitted my problem, I feel a little better.  But before I forget...I have to save a copy of this blog on my desktop.  Because I never know when I'll need it again...

Kyle S. Reyes is Director of Marketing for Carter Chevrolet and Mazda of Manchester.

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J. Wiley Dumas February 27, 2013 at 11:08 PM
LOL! Kyle, how many of us are guilty of this exact thing. And yet, I don't understand WHY I don't delete some of the stuff on my (4) external hard drives. Yes, some of it is 1st drafts and revisions of novels I've published in the past, but like I say, they're the DRAFTS and REVISIONS, bearing little, if any resemblance or import to the finished product. And lets not even get into photos of children and grandchildren. I have the same issues with my cell phone. Just can't bear to hit 'Delete.' I guess because we see it as 'digital' we believe that it doesn't take up space. Oh how wrong we are, because it does. It slows down our quad-core processor and frustrates the crap out of us when drafting a letter to a friend, relative, or literary agent. I dunno, Kyle. You've touched on something that all of us that depend on digitalized information are guilty of. I can see the new show on A&E now: Digital Hoarders; lost in gigabytes of clutter (Wow, ALMOST hit Delete)
Jen Tanner February 28, 2013 at 01:55 PM
It's that old "I might need it someday" curse!


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