Mike Freda - North Haven
Developing the Pratt Whitney Site, Utilizing the Northeast Graphics Site, Opening up a business friendly atmosphere- Mill rate 2005> 28.70  2011>26.54     Now lets look at Hamden-- empty property behind Tommy Kay beteen storage area - how many years? Empty property FMC ? how may years , little incubator being proposed - affect on TAXES ???  business and tax friendly - empty Stop Shop building , empty building on Putnam avenue, empty H Leeds property dixwell avenue any one doing anything in the golden offices???  Mill rate Hamden 2005> 27.95  Mill rate 2011 >37.137  and only going up thank you -- are you happy Hamden- building next to Glenwood- how long will this be empty and any affect on your taxes? Used to be a great town - thank you Taxson Jackson and QU
J D C December 30, 2013 at 02:22 PM
We could scream it from the top of West Rock and Sleeping Giant ad it wouldn't matter. We need SOMEONE in that chair that COMPREHENDS having business here to produce REVENUE not depend on the taxpayers deep POCKETS!


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