Economic Recovery Models Aren't Working

Thomas Alegi calls on local, state and federal leaders to rebuild consumer confidence to finally get the economy into recovery.


To the Editor:

The lack of confidence by consumers is what is keeping us in this economic downturn, in Hamden, our state and our nation. Our mayor, governor and president are responsible for this economic downturn at this time. Their economic recovery models have not worked and well not work, due in part to the fact that their economic recovery models divide Americans into two social economic groups. 

Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt divide this country into two social economic groups in the years of the Great Depression, No! He worked with the political leaders of the time to rebuild consumer confidence by uniting Americans under one positive economic recovery banner.  

Mayor Jackson, Governor Malloy and President Obama, start working to reverse this lack of consumer confidence at the local, state and national level, if we are to recover from this latest economic downturn.


Thomas Alegi

Hamden, CT

Charles Baltayan August 23, 2012 at 04:44 PM
Mr. Alegi- You are correct to place blame on the politicians for the mess we are in as they only do things in the interest of those who pay for their votes and are motivated by greed. Please don't hold your breath for them to do what is best for the people.


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