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Obama: Failure to Deliver

Four years and one failure after another, one Hamden resident writes.


To the Editor,

 As President Obama’s first term comes close to ending, it is obvious that President Obama has failed to lower unemployment or come up with an economic recovery plain that works for all Americans. Nationally, President Obama has been propagandizing that we are in a slow but steady "recovery", how can that be when Connecticut employment rate has gone up, noticeably.

There is no denying that President Obama’s administration helped to prevent a world economic crisis. This is about all that President Obama’s administration has accomplished in nearly four years.  U.S. job growth came from small individual sectors working to save the country. President Obama has just been able to stand by and take credit for the work of others.

President Obama's main domestic policy: The Affordable Health Care Act is proving to be a gigantic failure and a bottomless money pit. Despite all of President Obama’s promises, he has failed on the domestic front again. President Obama has not even attempted to keep has pledge to Hispanics to move forward U.S. immigration laws in Congress, in his first year in office, nor was President Obama able to close Guantanamo Bay as he pledged.

More recently, President Obama has failed to protect our American Embassies in the Mid-East and four American government workers, including one American Ambassador, died due to President Obama’s indifference to Mid-East terrorist events, before and on 9/11/2012

Today at the United Nations President Obama did not stand tall and prude, for being the leader of the Free World. President Obama stood as a timid man hoping that all the unrest in the Med-East would go away before Election Day.

President Obama by himself has put himself on a “Forward” path leading out of the White House.

Thomas Alegi

Hamden, CT

MAC September 27, 2012 at 10:32 PM
The narcissist Obama, unrestrained by another election, would double down on his disastrous and FAILED "leadership" of our once great nation, turning it into a DYSTOPIA which we will not recognize as anything resembling the FREE nation we grew up in! Obama has no respect for the Constitution, the "Separation of Powers" etc., and instead is totally committed to his misguided zero-sum ideology of DIMINISHING U.S. prosperity because he believes America must become poorer in order for people in third world nations to do better. The failures of his first term would be minor compared to the havoc and "Dystopia" an unrestrained Obama will wreak through his un-Constitutional Executive Orders and the bureaucratic "Regulations" with which he ^^steals our Liberties^^, such as in the "HealthCare Mandate" imposed by K. Sebelius. Re Obama's disastrous "fail[ure] to protect our American Embassies in the Mid-East and four American government workers...due to...Obama’s indifference to Mid-East terrorist events before and on 9/11/2012." He, S. Rice and SOS LIED re what they knew and were WARNED of prior 9/11/12! And all that could be dwarfed by the takeover from within, by Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim Terrorists who Obama has welcomed into the WH, while he will not allow our military and Nat'l Security agencies to even name these THREATS as what they are!!! Tonight 8 p.m. Pt 2 "The Project" documentary on TheBlaze.com/tv. Free 2 wk. trial avail. (or Dish Network 212)


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