Rosa DeLauro plays “poverty” as publicty stunt

Rosa DeLauro plays “let's pretend” poverty-for-a-day as a free publicity stunt: http://bit.ly/1mq36Ly

DeLauro likely is hoping that voters subconsciously will make a connection between 3rd world poverty and those in the USA living on food stamps—who live like royalty, in comprison to the extreme poverty that World Food Program is targeting (and that DeLauro “claims” to be promoting via this free-campaign-publicity-in-disguise).

Here's the REAL story she'd prefer that voters not know about: http://bit.ly/1n3muLx 

So I have a better idea: let's “pretend” that Rosa DeLauro actually is your govt representative—rather than a crony con-artist who has turned her public office into a massive self-enrichment scam.


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