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Hamden Police Confirm 'Active Shooter' Report Was …

'The War on Drugs…Just Plain Doesn’t Work'

A look at recent comments from Patch account holders in the region.



“$100,000 seems cheap. The 'war on drugs' costs New Haven millions per year and just plain doesn't work, The 'Occupy' movement has changed the dialog, changed leaders’ minds, and has given so many people hope in these horrible times.” The mayor of New Haven said the Occupy protest group has cost the city $100,000.  thinks that’s a bargain compared to some other expenditures. 


“Put a bounty on the coyote and watch the population crash.” offers his solution to stop aggressive coyotes


“Blumenthal wants to increase taxes on oil companies as a response to high oil prices. Of course, those costs would be passed along to consumers, making gas prices even higher. That's all Blumenthal knows how to do- raise taxes and increase spending. What a joke he is.” U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal came out swinging against oil companies, saying that subsidies need to end. – presumably not the Greek philosopher himself – things customers will end up suffering. 

Anne Bradley April 22, 2012 at 01:53 PM
There is no war; that is why. Many police and officials enjoy - even take pleasure in the corruption. Greed and power are their only wants. In order to Make Justice Work, the public need to hold them accountable. Nobody does - they just advise others to dodge their bullets. Regarding Occupy New Haven: please review the history of it. The mayor SUPPORTED them. These people who claimed "squatters rights" on the Green for so long, posted up signs on how much they loved the mayor and the police. Go figure. These demonstrators have no mission except for attention. They hang out on the city steps yelling and being a menace. Frankly, all of this degrades this city and I for one, do not enjoy going downtown. The mayor should pay for the damage they caused. Where are the volunteers to take care of restoring? Why doesn't the court order the same people to restore it - under the supervision of a few professionals? They don't care, that is why. See who the city hires and gives business to. No doubt, it has all been agreed upon already. That's why the Green was destroyed. LCI went into debt on their landlord licensure program - $160,000. Eric Johnson took over a major problem, tippy-toeing due to the Appellate Court unconstitutionally rulling that the city's regulation on landlord licensures takes precedence over Certtificate of Occupancies. Review Greater New Haven Property Owners Assoc. v. City of New Haven in Advanced Google Scholar. See for yourself.


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