Town Clerk Thanks All for Their Hard Work

Town Clerk Vera Morrison thanks all who helped make Election Day a success.


To the Editor: 

The Town Clerk’s office of Hamden wants to personally thank all those people who made the Presidential Election Day a most memorable day. 

This office processed 2,465 absentee ballots, which included 1,880 civilian ballots, 22 Military ballots, 67 Overseas Federal Ballots, and 56 ballots for US citizens temporarily overseas. We also issued  548 Presidential Ballots on Election Day for un-registered voters residing in the town of Hamden.

We want to thank the hardworking and conscientious staff in the Town Clerk’s office:  Cindy, Marguerite, Joanne C, Joanne L, Linda B, and intern Linda G.  The volume was staggering for 22 business days of issuance, in addition to our normal work. 

We also thank our Presidential Ballot helpers who checked qualifications, helped with applications, and helped issue Presidential Ballots within our office, and watched voters leave with a smile and a “I voted” sticker.  Thanks go to Joan V, Meg N, Meg B, Lisa, Terry, Margot, and Dennis.  We want to personally thank Quinnipiac students Tori R, Zach S, Henry V, and Jen A for their help with the computers, checking addresses, verifying voting status and identifying districts.  It was a hectic but very rewarding day.

Last but not least, we especially want to thank Whitney Donuts (via Abner Oakes) who provided coffee & refreshments at that critical time of the morning. Also Atty Steve Ciardiello provided our workers with two trays of sandwiches in the afternoon, from Eli’s on Whitney. This was most generous of both Hamden businesses to help us this way.

The voting process was alive and well in the Town of Hamden, as it was in the rest of Connecticut, and the USA. Continue to participate in the voting process, thereby guarding this precious right we have as Americans.

Vera Morrison 
Hamden Town Clerk

Thomas Alegi November 12, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Ms. Morrison, you do have good staff members working for you, but some would find it curious why you chose to use the full names of some and the first names only or the first names and the first letter of other people, that you thanked in your Letter to the Editor. Ms. Morrison you may not be aware that you left the barn door wide open for criticism in the next town election by signing your Letter to the Editor Vera Morrison, Hamden Town Clerk, by not using the full names of everyone mentioned in your Letter to the Editor. Ms. Morrison, smaller things then this have turned into mountains in Hamden town elections.


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