'Buddy' the Puppy Needs a Home

A man dropped a stray Brittany Spaniel off at the Monroe Animal Shelter.

A Brittany Spaniel staying at the Monroe Animal Shelter at 447 Purdy Hill Rd. had fun prancing around in the snow Thursday morning.

The staff calls the dog "Buddy" and describe him as an obedient dog who sits and stays — and at around one-year-old, he's just a pup.

"He's well obedient and friendly," Monroe Animal Control Officer Ed Risko said.

The dog, who weighs about 35 pounds, was brought to the shelter by a man, who said his name was Jose Martin, at 10 p.m. on Feb. 2. Risko said the man told an officer on duty that he found the dog wandering around in the area of Spring Hill Road and Route 111.

The man left a phone number, but Risko said it only goes to voicemail.

No missing dog reports matching Buddy's description have been made, according to Risko, who said the Brittany Spaniel will be available for adoption within seven days if not claimed by its owner.

If you own "Buddy" or are interested in adopting him, call Monroe Animal Control at (203)452-3760.


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