Chilling 911 Call Released in Attempted Hamden House Explosion Incident

Man threatened to blow up his house.

WTNH News 8 has the chilling 911 call of an incident in Hamden on Pembroke Road that could have escalated very quickly. 

Earlier this week a Hamden man allegedly threatened to blow up his house, which forced nearby neighbors to evacuate. 

Here is a portion of the 911 call made by the man’s wife. 

According to News 8, she tells dispatch:

“My husband has turned the gas on inside our house and has threatened to blow up the house. I am outside, I have been out here for about a half hour with a neighbor. We are trying to talk to him but the minute you open our front door and went back in you can smell all the gas in the house.”

Police were able to arrest the man before the situation went any further. 


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