Clean That Snow Off Your Car or Face a $75 Fine

The fines are even steeper if the snow on your car flies off and hits another vehicle.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
Connecticut residents have a financial incentive to clean the snow and ice off their cars — a $75 fine.

The penalty comes under a law enacted in 2010 that took effect on Dec 31, 2013. The Connecticut General Assembly passed the law in an effort to prevent the dangers of so-called ice missiles — the accumulation of snow and ice on a vehicle that can fly off while driving and hit other vehicles.

The fine actually increases if snow dislodged from your car strikes another and causes property damage or personal injury, according to the law. For noncommercial vehicles, the fine would be no less than $200 but not more than $1,000; for commercial vehicles, it's no less than $500 but no more than $1,200.

The law, Public Act No. 10-182, An Act Concerning The Removal of Snow and Ice From Motor Vehicles, reads in part:

"The operator of any motor vehicle, as defined in section 14-1 of the general statutes, shall remove any accumulated ice or snow from such motor vehicle, including the hood, trunk and roof of such motor vehicle, so that any ice or snow accumulated on such vehicle does not pose a threat to persons or property while the vehicle is being operated on any street or highway of this state."

The law does not apply if your vehicle is parked or if the snow and ice accumulated on your vehicle while you were driving in a storm.

[This article was originally published on Dec. 13, 2013.]
Igor February 20, 2014 at 07:34 AM
Shouldn't even have to be a law. Joeseph Biff, yes you will continue to see it. When you go fishing you don't catch all the fish. You catch what you can. If they were to tag every car someone on here would say something to the effect" they should be out catching real criminals" Craig please stop making BS excuses. Not cleaning your car is just laziness.
Tom Lines February 22, 2014 at 03:15 PM
I would let Town News keep speaking his/her mind. In the battle of wits, he fights unarmed.
Craig Zac February 27, 2014 at 08:28 AM
Igor, whos making BS excuses? I clean off my car! Maybe people like you would feel safer if you stay off the roads in winter... im sorry this is New England, we get snow, we get ice and its something you have to deal with. if you are so scared of a piece of ice or snow, move to florida!
Craig Zac February 27, 2014 at 08:33 AM
Maybe we should all just call the state and town cops each and every time we see a car with ANYTHING tied to its roof or sticking out of the trunk, any time we see a truck with anything tied to its bed or in its bed or anytime we see anyone towing an open trailer full of stuff like landscaping tools or if they are moving furniture or hauling anything... If we can get fined because snow or ice MIGHT fly off and hit a car, then it should be against the law for ANYTHING that might fly off of a car, truck or, trailer and hit a car. If we are going to be safe, lets be safe ALL the way around! W have all see it, the car with the matress on the roof or this one.... cars with Christmas trees tied to the roof... now That's dangerous! Or trucks filled with branches so high they are almost hitting the phone wires or so packed they are actually hanging out the back and touching the pavement... trailers full of shovels, barrels, lawn equipment... dump trucks full of dirt or rocks that is like driving behind a sand blaster... cars with lumber on the roof, trucks and vans with pipes on top... and you all are worried about some snow or ice?
Dom February 27, 2014 at 09:20 AM
If you properly secure the snow to your vehicle I'd be happy for you to drive around with it. You can't tie down snow due to it's physical properties, but you are more than welcome to keep it in your trunk.


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