Hamden Police Warn About Kidnapping, Ransom Scam

A Hamden family paid a ransom for a kidnapping that never occurred.

A Lane Street family was informed that a relative had been kidnapped and a ransom was demanded for his safe return. 

Thankfully, the reported kidnapping was not true, but the family did send money to the alleged kidnappers, and Hamden Police want residents to be alert about similar scams.

Investigation revealed that a 19 year-old family member received a telephone call from an individual “with a Spanish accent,” police said. 

The caller stated that a family member was involved in a motor vehicle accident and that the family member had been kidnapped, police said. The caller then demanded a ransom for his return, police said.

The Lane Street family subsequently wired an undisclosed amount of money to Puerto Rico, police said. Shortly thereafter, they ascertained that their family member was not involved in an accident and that they were the victim of a scam, police said.

Hamden Police said in the release that would like to make residents aware of this scam. Furthermore, residents are urged not to wire money anywhere, without first conducting a further investigation and contacting their local police department. 

cheryl June 26, 2014 at 07:38 AM
People are learning from the best. (Middle East and Mexico) Sure why not, no one does anything about anything these days. We let prisoners (druggies, rapists, murderers, muggers,) out of jail, so why should we be prosecuting anyone. What's going on?
Craig Zac June 26, 2014 at 10:11 AM
and we let illegals just wander in from god knows where and we just willy-nilly make them US citizens who are then able to go on welfare, get obamacare and get all the rights that we all get and that we all have been PAYING into!!!
Craig Zac June 26, 2014 at 10:10 AM
wow, its just so hard to believe that folks will still fall for these scams... WTF? Who just sends money without first calling the "Victim" to find out if they are actually kidnapped for real or not? Seems strange, especially since it was a 19 year old kid who got the call and wired the $$$, how much was it? and did anyone in this kids family think to wait and see if the supposed victim came home or called them? was this accident supposed to have happened in PR? 10 to 1 the caller knows the family and whos who within the family.


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