Man Threatens to Kill Cop; Motorcycle ‘Test Drive’ Ends in Arrest; Police Chase Stolen Caravan; Suspected Scrap Metal Thieves Busted

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MILFORD – A 51-year-old New Haven man reportedly threatened to kill a cop when he was taken into custody Sunday evening for failing to respond to a ticket.

According to police, Jonathan Green repeatedly yelled that once he was released from jail, he was going to get his gun and shoot an officer. “A cop is going to die. I’m going to blow a cop’s brains out,” Green allegedly said.

Here’s a link to the full report

STRATFORD – A motorcycle “test drive” didn’t end so well for a 24-year-old Stratford man.

Police said they clocked Stephen Daniel traveling 91 miles-per-hour on Ferry Boulevard – more than double the posted speed limit of 35 mph. Daniel reportedly told police that he was just taking the motorcycle for a test drive.

He was unable to produce registration and insurance paperwork, police said, and his driver’s license is suspended.

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BRANFORD – A juvenile and a 20-year-old allegedly engaged police in a car chase into East Haven at 2:42 a.m. on April 16.

Police said a Dodge Caravan fled from police after an officer attempted to pull it over when it was determined that the vehicle was stolen. The caravan – being driven by the juvenile and occupied by Lamar S. Conner of New Haven – traveled along Route 1 before entering Interstate 95 at exit 55. Connecticut State Police then picked up the pursuit from there and ultimately trapped the vehicle on a dead-end street in East Haven, shortly after it had exited the highway at exit 52.  

Police said they located burglar’s tools and scrap metal in the caravan. Both suspects were arrested.

Here’s the full report

SOUTHINGTON – Police have arrested three Stratford men in connection with a series of burglaries in which more than $120,000 worth of scrap metal was stolen.

The crimes took place in Southington and Cheshire in late 2010 and early 2011, police said.

Arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit second-degree burglary and conspiracy to commit first-degree larceny were Thomas Kostenko, 36, Jeffrey Carofano, 40, and Dominick Colangelo Jr., 43.

Police said at least one suspect was caught on surveillance tape. Check out the full report for more details and photos. 


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