More Arrests for Quinnipiac Students After "Large Loud" Parties

Seventeen students were arrested as officers spent Friday night and Saturday morning going from one large party to another as complaints rolled in, according to police.

Hamden Police and residents are hoping the party's over for Quinnipiac University students after police made 17 arrests and broke up 14 "large house parties hosted by Quinnipiac University students," Friday night and early Saturday morning, according to police spokesman Capt. Ronald Smith.

"Residents had contacted police to report loud music, loud noise, large group gatherings, parking complaints and a large number of individuals walking in the middle of Whitney Avenue, impeding the traffic flow," Smith said in a release Monday. "Officers reported that the parties had an estimated attendance of between 60 and 500 individuals. During this time period, 17 people were charged."

On Friday night it took 10 Hamden Police Officers to disperse an estimated crowd of 500 college-aged individuals at 50 Todd St., Smith said. 

"Police had to summon Quinnipiac University to provide shuttle buses to transport the students back to campus," he said.   

Early Saturday morning, "numerous officers" responded to 20 Washington Ave. on the report of a large crowd causing a disturbance, Smith said. 

"Upon arrival officers encountered approximately 250 to 300 students. Loud music was emanating from inside of the residence. In addition, the dozens of individuals, who were congregating outside, were loud and disturbing the peace," he said. 

Seven Quinnipiac University students were cited for creating a public disturbanc: Andrew Mirman, 20, Joseph Lamb, 20, Kevin Lavelle, 20, Andrew Stimpson, 20, Gregory Angelilli, 20, Matthew DeVore, 20 and Christopher Meegan, 21. Quinnipiac University also provided shuttle buses to transport the students back to campus, Smith said.

A short time later, officers responded to the report of a loud party at 64 Darley Drive and found about 100 people there, Smith said. The tenants, Michael Matson, 19, and Damingo Perez, 21, were charged with creating a public disturbance.

"Moments later, Hamden Police responded to 166 Rocky Top Road on the report of a loud party. Upon arrival, officers heard loud music originating from the residence," Smith said. There were about 200 people were inside of the residence, he said. 

The four tenants who were allegedly responsible for the large gathering were each charged with creating a public disturbance: Elizabeth Yacus, 21, Samantha Rodriguez, 21, Briana Marotta, 21 and Alexandra Macaluso, 21. 

"Hamden Police have responded to the above-mentioned addresses, in some instances, several times, during this school year for similar type noise complaints, Smith said.  

Linda C November 04, 2013 at 02:38 PM
A whole lot of Tax Payers money spent braking up these parties and controlling these kids. They are mostly out of state kids attending QU. So to break it down - their parents don't contribute (IE taxes), the College doesn't pay taxes, the cost is on the backs of the people they are annoying. Not only do the police have to break these parties, up they have to sit there for an hour or so until QU can send their party buses to retrieve the little tikes. How about giving Central Dispatch way to forward these calls directly to QU security and let them come out and deal with the Problems THEY CREATE? Let them foot the bill for this nonsense!
Forest City November 04, 2013 at 02:57 PM
Wow! 1100 QU partyers! Turn that energy loose on a positive project and something substantial could be accomplished … That expensive library must have been empty.
Susan H Huff November 04, 2013 at 04:33 PM
I for one am sick of the way our town is turning into a party hearty place for Quinnipiac. As homeowners, we cringe whenever a house goes on the market, and streets become impassable with all the parked cars. The town needs to crack down now. Like Linda C said- if QU or the parents had to foot the bill maybe we would see some responsibility.
Jimmy Shields November 04, 2013 at 05:36 PM
Boy that's a tough weekend for Cops and Security--but glad to see it---the more enforcement on the street---and then hopefully by the University we may get to a good relationship town/gown which would be beneficial to, all concerned
Jimmy Shields November 04, 2013 at 05:39 PM
QU pays money to the town for FD and PD expenses---not total costs but significant to budgets---sometimes 1 time costs other is over the year---- and HPD and QU Security have a good relationship---there's too many drunk kids per cop/security
J D C November 04, 2013 at 05:40 PM
Yep and all those parked OUT OF STATE cars that pay no taxes HERE! I love it here in "NEWEST HAVEN". It is becoming "NEW Havens" identical little twin.
Hamden mom November 04, 2013 at 06:24 PM
If you are concerned about students living off-campus, you might consider attending next Tuesday's meeting of the Hamden Planning and Zoning Commission: among other topics, the agenda includes a presentation by Quinnipiac of its parking plan. It's likely that both on-campus and off-campus housing will be discussed in this context, and audience members may be invited to share their observations. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 pm on Tues, 11/12, in the auditorium of the Thornton Wilder Library. More information about the night's agenda and about Quinnipiac's parking plan is available at the Hamden Planning and Zoning Department.
Thomas Alegi November 04, 2013 at 06:29 PM
It would be interesting to see what happens to these QU students and others, when they appear in Meriden Superior Court on Nov. 14. Could the editor of the HamdenPatch please write an article about what happens to these QU students and others when they stand before the judge, on Nov14?.... Let us not forget that kids from Hamden attend out of state colleges and universities also. So maybe someone in another state is writing the same “They are mostly out of state kids attending (place the name of any college or university here). So to break it down - their parents don't contribute (IE taxes), the College doesn't pay taxes, and the cost is on the backs of the people they are annoying.)……. College and university off campus parties should fall under Homeland security, so the NSA can monitor Facebook, Google and the other social media sites to see when student parties are going to occur. LOL
J D C November 04, 2013 at 06:54 PM
Yeah, well my kids attended school out of state and they werent little PUNKS that got in trouble with the law. There is a difference between blowin off steam and being just an out and out PUNK, and MOST of these little idiots are PUNKS. I must have one of them a DAY crawling up my ass while I'm driving up or down Shepard or Town Walk because I'm not doin a buck thirty! They're MOSTLY kids of NYers and NJites and that ALONE pretty much SUMS it up, because their PARENTS are NO different! I wish I could just smack their daddies in the mouth every time one of them acts like a PUNK! LOL
Kyle McCartney November 04, 2013 at 07:57 PM
In Reference to Forest City QU actually had 1,500 students participate in a community service project last spring- http://www.quchronicle.com/2013/04/1500-students-participate-in-fourth-annual-big-event/ Linda C, unfortunately QU Public Safety (security) does not have jurisdiction in Hamden Twp, that is a reason they cannot take action. QU students living off-campus are technically considered residents they pay rent to a landlord who pays taxes, and are residents. If a 30 year old was to rent an apartment would they not be a resident? Even if 1,100 students were partying that is only 17% of the student population. According to The College Board, Quinnipiac has 6,430 undergraduate students. Please do not base less than a 25% of the population to represent all of the personalities of QU students. As I said a previous posted comment, QU students are a valuable asset to the local businesses of Hamden, they frequent many stores and restaurants in the community, and the students business helps the business owners put food on their tables and support their families. I would be curious to see how much profit is lost during May-August when students are home. Quinnipiac also contracts a Hamden Police Officer to be on campus during the weekends. I am sure they have many officers per shift to deal with expected activity. The Senior Class Government, had a Hamden Block Party on campus that was attended by local businesses and Hamden PD and FD. Quinnipiac has been making very positive efforts to forge a positive relationship with the community. I also find it odd, how this story is in the headline News Alert in red, but not CCSU being on lockdown. Respectfully Submitted, Kyle McCartney
J D C November 04, 2013 at 08:56 PM
Well KYLE, lets hope its "JUST" 1,100 of them RUNNING WILD and NOT 6500! In a town of 50-60k people THAT is absurd! This ISNT Columbus Oh, or Ann Arbor Michigan! "JUST "1100 is PLENTY TOO MANY, PERIOD! And the little "block party" and other dog and pony shows is called "damage control". And I think you KNOW what Linda C meant. She KNOWS they dont have jurisdiction but rhetorically stated THEY SHOULD be taking care of it. QU has had MORE problems than SCSU and UNH combined, and as far as Southern goes, as SOON as they got their own PF, the crap abated, considerably. I dont know if UNH has its own PF, but I think they do also because they dont have these problems EITHER. Plus, the kids that go to those schools arent for the most part little spoiled brats from Toms River or Franklin Lakes. I'll get to the "valuable ASSETS" later.
Thomas Alegi November 05, 2013 at 04:25 AM
New Haven Register 11/02/13: Police arrived 11 p.m. at 3235 Whitney Ave. to find “150 people congregating” in the yard around the house. According to Smith, many individuals were intoxicated, and the music was “excessively loud." Smith said there were about 350 additional revelers inside the home.” ….. Hamden records show that 3235 Whitney Ave. was built in 1876, so why didn’t the house collapse from approximant 35 tons of additional human weight? When figuring the average weight of a person in a group setting, 200lbs figure is used…… I'm sure Fact Checkers can find a valid argument against the use of 200lbs as an average weight of a person in a group setting.
J D C November 05, 2013 at 08:02 AM
Well if the avg is 200 that must mean that boys are 300 and girls are 100? Or 250 and 150? Who CARES btw?
Thomas Alegi November 05, 2013 at 09:16 AM
BTW any student at the QV school of engineering would, if they where on the first floor of 3235 Whitney Ave when the building col LOL
J D C November 05, 2013 at 10:50 AM
When did happen? LOL Did the same guys build that that are rebuilding the old Town Hall?
Linda C November 05, 2013 at 12:02 PM
We aren't talking about a few little parties with the music a little too loud. We are talking about 100's of people walking down a major highway in town. We are talking about Police babysitting what is QU's responsibility. I get their security can't handle things, that's obvious. So hire more!! Has nothing to do with the $$ value they bring to the town, has to do with the DAMAGE they do to the neighborhoods and people's REAL Lives. The neighbors aren't doing a 4 year stint on daddy's dime, they are trying to raise their family's in areas they paid a lot of money to live in - because they were decent at the time. Now how about the victims of REAL crimes who have to wait for the cops to show up because they are busy babysitting? When it becomes your turn to wait for help, think your priorities might change! As far as attending the meetings! Really. Haven't you learned by now, the REAL meetings are held without you or your input. The once a month JOKES are to shut you up, and make you FEEL like you've been heard. Trust me NO ONE'S LISTENING!
J D C November 05, 2013 at 02:28 PM
Yeah that WHOLE TWO MINUTES is TOO much time to get your point across, IF they were listening ANYWAY! And as far as "assets to the town". To WHAT extent? The BARS and the PACKY'S and the SUB SHOPS feel it. How about a Spring Glen Hardware e.g?
Thomas Alegi November 05, 2013 at 05:28 PM
Mr. McCartney it would be very interesting to see the buying power of QU students here in Hamden. Maybe you would consider writing a paper regarding the buying power of QU students here in Hamden, which would have to include May, June, July, August, or it could even be a class project. When done maybe it could published in the HamePatch.
Kyle McCartney November 05, 2013 at 06:12 PM
Thank you Mr. Alegi, I am highly considering this especially for a journalism class in which I have a capstone project. I also thank you for realizing that some of the numbers do not add up with how many people where inside homes based on a person to square foot ratio. My main objectives were to point out that there are some advantages to having Quinnipiac in Hamden, and not every QU student fits the stereotype that many residents have. Myself for example, I come from an affluent NJ town that has residents raining from a lower class to an extremely upper class. I attended community college in Jersey for two years, and enrolled at Quinnipiac last fall. I am not here on my parents' dime, instead I invested in private and federal loans that I will have to pay back when I graduate. In the mean time I hold two jobs with two different police departments, as a dispatcher, and a seasonal Special Officer. I volunteer in my community as an EMT, and helped start the Fire Police membership class for my fire company. I work hard to achieve my goals as many other QU students do. I do not condone the actions of all the students, and I am certainly not defending those who get caught as they asked for it. It is bothering though to read every article involving QU students that the same stereotype is always mentioned. Based on my employment I understand Linda's concern about police response and it is totally valid, there is other things the police can be doing. Without knowing how many officers are on a shift to cover the town and call volume, I do not know exactly the correct response. However, if there was a call for imminent danger I would assume that would be prioritized quickly. I understand where everyone is coming from about noise complaints and disturbing the peace one of the towns I work for has approximately eight liquor licensed establishments in a half square mile (22 before Sandy), and have received many complaints (similar to other commentators), from year round residents about the summer crowd. I would be all for QU either establishing a police department, or paying a contract to Hamden Police Officers F/T just for QU related calls of service, and to supplement their Public Safety staff. I am sure there are other towns that house colleges across the country that have the same issues and concerns by residents. Please don't blame the entire student body for actions committed by some. I would also assume that a town with a high population has many residents who once attended college and took part in the same activities. Again, to reiterate my 2 main objectives, 1. QU students and Quinnipiac University add some value to the town as a whole, and 2. Not all students fit perceived stereotype, and even the ones who may are still highly responsible and respectful students. -KM
Barbara Esposito November 08, 2013 at 07:45 PM
I live on one of the streets where a party was held although far enough up the road that I never knew anything was happening.The day after the party there was a lovely note from the 4 young women whose intent was to hold a small party that got out of hand. I understand that they called the police for help but were arrested.While I do not condone underage drinking or substance abuse or disturbing the peace I do not think all students at QU behave this way.Yes there is room for improvement but I know they are not the only individuals for example speeding up and down Todd St , plenty of my contemporaries are.So lets see both sides of this.Also I agree that if the students are off campus they should be subject to the laws of the town.I also agree if once arrested ,parents had to make the drive from out of state in the middle of the night as one respondent suggested this might curb such behavior , that is if the students are under aged drinkers. My plan is to head down the road and meet my new neighbors.That said to my other neighbors I would not have been happy to see a huge drunk and disorderly crowd in my yard either.
danm December 31, 2013 at 08:16 AM
I think this is truly a sad situation that the town,the police and the university must solve together for the common good of all parties involved,myself being someone who grew up just a stone throw from S.C.S.U. in the sixties and seventies feel I can shed some insight on this subject.All I can relate is what I saw and the effect it had on me.I can recall that the winters were much more quiet and therefore I Liked winter.Warm weather brought keg parties in yards with so many people and no bathroom facilities that you would see both sexes urinating in public.There would be fights and arguments and live bands and people running wild all over the place ,puking ,vandalizing,and this would be every weekend and to a lesser scale during the week.I remember drunks hanging out on porches during the day and I remember it angered and offended me .There had to be at least 25 people renting the houses which were owned by people only interested in money and people who were dangerous in their own right.I at times avoided going home to get myself away from that environment which I felt then and now disrupted my formative years.The frats were dangerous ,unfriendly and if you said something the response was violent in nature.It therefore bothers me that now a kid could be growing up down there in Hamden and lets say the wrestling or football or basketball or lacrosse frat takes up residence next door and how that could impact that child,thats what I think all these parties and all there degrees should debate,enviroment is big in a kids life .I have come to learn and understand and accept that you can't blame your problems on anyone but yourself but I do feel that the environment down there was a contributing factor for me to a life I spent 46 years as a worthless drunk.I now have been sober 10 years but only by seeing my part in that and to solve this problem I think all involved have to see their part in this and I can only imagine what those kids in the drug infested and gang plagued neighborhoods must feel and have to contend with,in my opinion the army should be put in there to protect the youth but the criminals have rights.I say this to the Mayor,The Police Chief,The University as I hear Chris Carter say on ESPN "" WHERE YOU AT''
J D C January 01, 2014 at 02:26 PM
You see THAT is one of the aspects of this that the child who wrote here doesn't comprehend, YET. When he grows up he will understand that even ONE bad influence from these students can traumatize a child for LIFE! Well I dont know because it doessnt seem that Lahey or Jackson do, or WORSE, dont CARE. Maybe he'll fall under that category. You wouldnt put the LIONS in the Panda's habitat in a ZOO, why try to integrate COLLEGE STUDENTS into Hamdens quite NEIGHBORHOODS? You cant take an out of control lifestyle and let it loose in a setting that before they came the most dramatic thing that happened was a cat getting stuck in a tree! THATS why people CHOOSE and PAY through the nose to RAISE their children there, PERIOD!


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