OMG PD: In This Goldilocks Tale, Son Calls the Cops

Incidents of creative thinking that may have seemed like good ideas at the time. To somebody.


A Hamden man was arrested after police say he broke into a relative's home and . The homeowner's son was checking his mother's home when he found the man asleep in the bed, police said.


A baby female woodchuck fell into the enclosed garden pit in front of Monroe Town Hall and became trapped inside. It was rescued and released on the property. Click here to see a photo of the woodchuck munching on an apple.


In Stamford, concerned citizens took it upon themselves to corral a car to the side of the road they allege almost struck other vehicles several times while drifting in traffic. The driver , police said.


A Stamford man arrested in Norwalk and charged in attempted car burglary said when the owner of the vehicle had spotted him, he wasn't trying to break in, he'd near the car.


Fairfield police were called to investigate reports of a man challenging passersby to swordfights at an intersection. .


A man was arrested in Fairfield this week after .


A Waterbury motorcyclist is accused of riding while under the influence as he chased a car driver who he said cut him of in Naugatuck. The Police Department.



A 39-year-old man was found by a passing police officer at 1:53 a.m. one Sunday, asleep behind the wheel while stopped at a traffic light on Route 1 in Darien, police said. According to a police report, before an officer could confront him, the man's car started rolling, traveling about a tenth of a mile before stopping.  Nobody was injured in the incident. Police charged him with driving while under the influence and risk of injury to a minor, among other charges.


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