Police: Citgo Clerk Lied About Stabbing; Injured While Drunk

An investigation has determined the clerk fabricated the burglary story to cover up the fact the injury occurred while he was intoxicated inside the store, according to North Haven Police.

North Haven Police detectives report that their investigation has determined that the reported robbery and stabbing of a clerk at the Citco Convenience Store on Feb. 4 "did not occur."

Instead, police say the clerk injured himself while intoxicated inside the Main Street convenience store.

'Several Inconsistencies'

According to North Haven Police Lt. Kevin Glenn, while investigators were "processing the bloody crime scene late Monday night" they found several inconsistencies with the victim’s initial report of being stabbed during a robbery attempt. 

"Through analysis of the crime scene and other investigative methods, investigators determined the victim fabricated the reported crime," Glenn stated in a press release. 

'To Mask His Actions'

Glenn repots that instead, the man sustained the "large puncture wound while intoxicated inside of the store. "

"The employee then used the facts of the first robbery that occurred February 1, 2014 to mask his actions," Glenn stated.

He added that the employee who was the victim of a robbery on Feb. 1 was not the same employee who fabricated the second incident. 

'Pursuing Criminal Charges'

Glenn reports that at this time, the department is not identifying the store employee who fabricated the robbery attempt.  

"We are pursuing criminal charges through the State Attorney’s Office. We are actively investigating the first reported robbery that has been determined to be legitimate," he said.

Anyone with information pertaining to the robbery on Feb. 1 are asked to contact the Investigative Services Division of the North Haven Police Department at 203-239-5321.        

Patty February 08, 2014 at 01:50 PM
Here's another inconsistency: there is no Main St in North Haven. Where did this happen?
chuck February 11, 2014 at 09:28 PM
Yeah....I really want to go shopping at this hot spot! What a disaster. As punishment for this staggering drunk loser, he should actually be stabbed instead of just saying he was stabbed. Just stab the dickens out of the clown for about a half hour. Bet he won't pull that crap again or waste cops time anymore. Where do these people come from?? I have a better idea....just ship him off to a distant planet somewhere. Give him a couple of months worth of booze and let him fall down there as often as he likes (if he doesn't freeze to death first).


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