Roxbury Child, 11, Killed In ATV Accident, Second ATV Death in CT This Week (updated 5 p.m.)

An Ellington teen died earlier this week in an ATV accident.

State Police are investigating the death of an 11-year-old who died in an ATV accident near Carriage Lane in Roxbury Thursday night, WFSB 3 TV reports. 

The Waterbury Republican-American reports the boy was supposed to return home by 3 p.m. but his body was found at 7:45 p.m. Several area Fire Department including those from Woodbury and Southbury assisted in the search. 

The victim is Joseph Awlasewicz, 11, of Southbury, the Republican-American reports. He was riding an ATV that went off the right shoulder and traveled down an embankment, the Republican-American reports.

This is the second ATV related death this week in Connecticut as Austin Peter Tautkus, 18, of Ellington, died Wednesday in an ATV accident in Suffield. 

Diana June 25, 2014 at 10:30 AM
My last response to LTR is this - I have no shame in defending my comments. There is not enough information to pass undue judgement - period. I also have no shame in admitting that while I am a good parent (as evidenced by compliments from friends and strangers alike when meeting my children), I am a parent like all others who does make honest mistakes and anyone who says they have never made a mistake, a poor choice or never once broken a single law is a liar. You don't know me or this family. My kids are more compassionate and polite than you are LTR - and are law abiding citizens and valuable members of our community. But they will make mistakes on occasion. I do, however, pass judgement on hypocrites who exhibit zero tolerance for anyone who thinks differently and can only see the world in black and white. The world is a colorful place and should be treated as such.
Diana June 25, 2014 at 10:53 AM
LTR - you never did respond with an answer - have you NEVER, not once, driven over the posted speed limits (and even 1 mph over is technically over and illegal)? Have you NEVER played with a sparkler for the 4th of July? Do you smoke and if so, did you start in school (that's illegal too) I'm just curious. Since you are looking at this in black and white, so will I. :-) Actually - no need to respond - I'm sure someone as perfect as you has never done anything of the sort LOL :-) And no, you can't say it's different, because it's not. Illegal is illegal, period, according to you.
Diana June 25, 2014 at 03:42 PM
LTR - actually, contrary to what you perceive, I have quite an active and fulfilling life, am well educated and work full time in a management position. I also have compassion, something that too many people these days are lacking. I received no answers to the questions I presented to you and suppose I never will. Oh well. So be it. Enjoy the rest of your day. I know I will. :-) Cheers. "I have concluded that there must be something wrong with you, and you have no life other than to post endlessly, most of which I have not bothered to read or respond to. Suffice it to say, you are wrong and so are the parents, and their child is dead because of that."
Craig Zac June 30, 2014 at 08:56 AM
were these two kids that died riding on ATV's wearing any protective gear? what was the causes of their deaths? going down an embankment is not a cause for certain death in a lot of cases... when these things happen its usually due to Booze, inexperienced riders, rider error in not knowing the terrain or going too fast for the terrain and not wearing a helmet. I have the list of official reports of 2500 people killed while riding on the old 3 wheelers back in the 1980s and 99.9% of these deaths were due to the operator NOT wearing a helmet, the rest were mostly driver error, going to fast, riding with a passenger, and not knowing the terrain (like the one guy who shot up a hill as fast as he could go but didn't realize there was a 20 foot straight drop on the other side) but none of the deaths were due to the machine being unstable or just deciding to crash or flip for no reason.


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