Burt Takes Judge of Probate

Will oversee probate cases in the towns of Hamden and Bethany for the next two years.


Attorney Edward "Ned" Burt will succeed Probate Judge Salvatore J. Diglio, beating Republican Matthew Corcoran by a wide margin for the seat that serves both Hamden and Bethany.

Burt thanked supporters at Hamden Democratic Headquarters on Whitney Avenue. 

"I really appreciate everyone's help," he said.

"We've been doing this since May," he said, referring to his quest for first the nomination and then the general election.

in July the Democratic Town Committee endorsed former Mayor Craig Henrici for the nomination for Judge of Probate, but Burt chose to primary Henrici and was successful in that quest a month later.

Corcoran was the Republican candidate for mayor last year and is seen as one of that party's up and coming leaders. He is widely respected by members of both parties, as evidenced by favorable comments made about him recently by Democratic members of the Legislative Council upon the confirmation of his appointment to a town board.

In Hamden, the results showed that Burt received 17,651 votes to Corcoran's 4,779.

Several years ago the state combined probate districts to save money. In that process, the Hamden and Bethany Probate Districts were combined into one.

Matt Corcoran November 08, 2012 at 06:23 AM
The town board referred to is charged with resolving global warming for anyone interested in measuring the respect I have in Hamden from members of both parties.
NO way March 01, 2013 at 07:32 PM
Debt Collection attorneys are so deserving of respect as they prey and profit on the misfortune of others


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