Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation Contributes to Maselli Farm Barn Roof Repairs

The trust has donated $5,000 to go toward work at the century-old barn.

The town of Hamden has been awarded a grant of $5,000 from the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation to repair the Maselli Farm Barn’s roof. 

The grant requires a match of $5,000 from Hamden, which has been made available.

“A new roof will help preserve this unique Gambrel style roofed structure," said Al Gorman, Legislative Council Member At-Large. "Also we preserve a visible touchstone to Hamden's agricultural heritage.”

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation added the Maselli Farm Barn, which was constructed a century ago, to the ’s list of historic barns in 2012. The barn is structurally sound but in need of various repairs, the most pressing of which is a new roof.

Helen Higgins, Executive Director of CT Trust, said in cases like these, a little bit of money goes a long way.

“It is a fabulous Gambrel roof bank barn that has deteriorated, but when restored is going to be incredibly useful to a potential farm there, but is also a pretty magnificent remnant of Hamden’s agricultural past,” Higgins said.

She added she was delighted the Trust could offer the grant, but said she wished she could offer more. Still, just stabilizing barns is a goal unto itself. She said the goal is not turning them into “granite kitchened” apartments or houses -- that these barns should be part of the landscape and used for agricultural purposes.

“I would like to commend the trust for their commitment to these projects, and also commend Mayor Scott Jackson and Julie Smith on their leadership," said State Sen. Joseph J. Crisco. "While they have a challenge about the present and plan for the future, it’s so important that we don’t forget the past.”

Repairs are slated to begin in the spring. For more information on the project, contact Julie E. Smith in Mayor Scott Jackson's office at (203) 287-7100.


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