Crisco Appears to Roll to Victory for 12th Term

The Democrat says he's come out on top across towns he lost in 2010.


Joe Crisco appears to have rolled to victory again.

"We've won every town, but we're still waiting to make it official," he told Patch shortly before midnight.

According to WTNH, the vote count across 59% of the seven towns in the 17th district showed 68% for Crisco, 32% for his opponent Tony Szewczyk.

"We won Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Naugatuck, Woodbridge -- a couple of towns we lost two years ago," said Crisco. "Assuming that things look well, our figures are far greater than two years ago. And I didn't win Naugatuck or Beacon Falls then."

Speaking by phone from his home, Tony Szewczyk told Patch, "It doesn't look like I won. I never even had a headquarters ... I'm trying to get my feelings in order -- still recuperating from the campaign. I thought the whole thing was interesting. I was underdog from beginning to end, and given the amount of time and resources we had I thought we did remarkably well, somewhere in upper 30-40% of vote. Who knows, I might try it again!"


Update: 6:45 p.m.

Joe Crisco made an appearance in Woodbridge this afternoon, and prepares to take in election results from his Ansonia headquarters.

Judy Szewczyk, wife of candidate Tony Szewczyk, says she's "cautiously optimistic" -- borrowing a phrase from Democratic candidate Aldon Hynes -- about her husband's chances.

"It's an unlikely outcome that he'd win, because of Crisco's years," she says. "But there's that aspect that maybe people will vote the whole line. It's not a done deal. We haven't given up, but we're not hiring staff yet."

Szewczyk will view results from his base in Derby.

Update: 2:30 p.m.

In between a busy tour of the seven towns in his district, Sen. Joe Crisco made a stopover in Woodbridge. Crisco has travelled frequently today, and says he thanks his well-disciplined system and dedicated staff.

Crisco has represented seven towns in the area for 11 terms, and he says he thinks the strategies that have worked for him in the past are working for him again in 2012.

"We have a certain program of work," he says about the organization he's put in place in the district. "I'm pleased we were able to accomplish all our goals. Yesterday I went door-to-door in Derby. I'm tempted to do one today, but they tell me I shouldn't do it."

He says voters have been supportive.

"People thank you for all they've done for them and ask you to keep on going. A number of people have complemented on the work I've done. And as in all national elections, you have a high rate of turnout."

Crisco will view results tonight at his headquarters in Ansonia.

Update: 10:30 a.m.

Tony Szewczyk is making a last-minute push against Joseph Crisco with appearances across the Naugatuck-Hamden-Bethwood area this afternoon. Perceived as an underdog, Szewczyk will keep busy until polls close, including with appearances in Bethany and Woodbridge at 4:00 and 4:30 p.m.

State Sen. Joseph Crisco Jr. has held his seat representing the seven towns of Connecticut's 17th Senate District since 1992. He's facing a challenge this year from Tony Szewczyk, who has held several town offices in Derby but never run for state office before.

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  • Patch Profile: Tony Szewczyk

The 17th Senate district includes Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Hamden, Naugatuck and Woodbridge.

Crisco is Chief Deputy President Pro Tempore for the Democratic Caucus and co-chair of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee. According to a Patch interview, his top priorities are jobs, education and health care coverage.

Szewczyk is a former member of the Derby Board of Aldermen and the chair of Derby's Republican Town Committee. A retired architect, he told Patch he would focus on bringing jobs back to Connecticut, benefitting small businesses, and balancing the state's budget.


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