D'Agostino Asks UI to Suspend Tree Removal Plans

UI shouldn't do anything regarding the removal of trees around utility poles until the town hired an arborist, the state representative says.

State Rep. Mike D’Agostino, D – Hamden, has formally asked United Illuminating to suspend its current activity in Hamden until the town has hired a full time arborist, a process that is in the works. 

His request stipulated that no trees purportedly in the right of way should be identified or tagged for trimming or removal until Hamden’s arborist is hired and has had the ability to engage in that process. 

The request came after a town hall meeting where UI was given the opportunity to respond to questions from the public. Hamden’s legislative council president stated that there was a plan to hire a full time arborist and that the hiring process is presently underway.

"No one disputes that damaged and dying trees that threaten power lines and public safety should be removed but UI's plans go drastically further than that and call for the removal of perfectly healthy trees. This is unacceptable,” D’Agostino said. “I have therefore asked UI to suspend its plans in Hamden, at least until the town can hire an arborist to review and oversee UI's plan.” 

Last month D’Agostino asked the state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority for an injunction to stop UI’s plan, claiming that UI hadn’t given adequate information or warning about this process. Similar calls were echoed by other towns where UI has announced they intend to cut.

“I have also spoken with PURA Chairperson Arthur House and asked PURA to revise its draft decision, which is not yet final, so as to curtail UI's authority,” said D’Agostino. “We all have seen the unnecessary mass deforestation occurring in our highways in CT. That cannot happen in our town. Property values will plummet."

cheryl January 22, 2014 at 10:51 AM
Here's a thought: For all the tree huggers out there. When the electric goes out in "YOUR" neighborhood due to "YOUR" tree that is close to the street, I suggest "YOU" pay for the UI to repairs for "YOUR" neighborhood. If it was decided or presented that way, I doubt very much anyone would object to cutting down the trees close to the street.
Len January 22, 2014 at 11:47 AM
Cheryl, you should run for mayor. You dont need any brains in this town to do so. But, you are intelligent.... You can be the one to turn this whole place around!
J D C January 22, 2014 at 01:26 PM
Cheryl, you do realize with your extensive knowledge of tree's that in order to NEVER have ANYONE'S tree fall on power lines EVERY tree within the HEIGHT that it is to the power lines would have to come down. OR topped so it would fall and MISS the service. I'm SURE you realize that TOPPING or HALVING or CROSS CUTTING is only for APPLE tree's and some other fruits, Oaks and Maples are not to be. If you want the front AND side of EVERY house to look like Faluja, more power to YOU. I dont think your definition of "TREE HUGGERS" is accurate for everyone that opposes just BUTCHERING every tree with curbside appeal in Hamden without some kind of an INTELLIGENT plan.
J D C January 22, 2014 at 01:29 PM
And if your TRUSTING enough in your Hamden and State "leaders" to think this plan was ONLY for tree's CLOSE to the street, be careful what you wish for.
J D C January 22, 2014 at 02:09 PM
I agree with the "plan", to an extent. Something has to be done now. This is something that SHOULD have been going on forever though. Like I have said, I want to know where all the money towns have paid for this "SERVICE" of handling tree's and PAYING tree crews has gone all these years? These tree's are SO out of control NOW because they didnt mitigate their part, and NOW they want to make a parking lot out of Ct because the power companies SHAREHOLDERS dont want to have to lose any dividend checks by having money put back in the business to go underground. Its funny, EVERY new development of houses in the state the power is put underground. But we have to listen to LIES like "oh, going underground isnt practical for us". HUH? Above ground power lines=preventive maintenance on the tree's----NOT DONE because they SUCK.


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