DMV Extensions From Sandy to End Monday

DMV to End Extensions for Registrations, Licenses and Emissions Tests.


The Department of Motor Vehicles announced Thursday the end of extensions on the expiration dates of licenses, registrations and emissions tests. 

These extensions also resulted in the waiver of late fees for these credentials while the state grappled with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. The extensions will stop on Monday, November 19, at the close of business, for those whose licenses, registrations and emissions compliance expired during the extension period that started on October 29, 2012.

These extensions were given because of the disruptions caused by the impact of Hurricane Sandy and the closure of DMV offices in the storm’s immediate aftermath. Beginning Tuesday, Nov. 20, enforcement action may be taken on expired licenses, registrations and non-compliant emissions. In addition, on Tuesday Nov. 20, DMV and AAA will be charging the following late fees at all offices:

  • Vehicle registration - $10 after five days past the expiration. The date can be found on the vehicle’s registration, which legally must be carried in the vehicle. The vehicle’s registration can be verified online atct.gov/dmv/verifyreg

  • License renewal - $25 immediately after the expiration date. The license expiration date can be found on the front of the license.

  •  Emissions tests - $20 following 30 consecutive calendar days past the expiration date. Customers should have their vehicle identification number and can go to ctemissions.com to look up their test dates.



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