Bedbug Free, Library Opens Today

Weekend spent examining libraries for bedbugs; branches found to be clean.


All three branches of the Hamden Public Library will open as usual this morning as the inspection and extermination process is complete, and while evidence of bedbugs was found at Miller Memorial Library, none was found at the two branches.

Library officials posted a notice on its website and Facebook page Sunday night detailing the events of the last few days since an anomymous patron made the call that started the process in motion that led to calling in the exterminator and closing the library on Friday.

"On Friday, August 17 all Miller Library materials identified by Quest Pest Control's K-9 unit as possibly containing bed bugs or their eggs were heat treated for a prolonged period at a temperature of 130 degrees. We are assured this treatment is the most effective way to kill the bugs, eggs and larvae. Thanks to library staff who were willing to give up their weekend time, these materials were returned to the shelves on Saturday," the statement said.

"All areas of the library, including offices, storage areas, utility rooms, restrooms and the Friends of the Library's Second Hand Prose Bookstore on the lower level, were inspected, as well as the stacks and public service desk areas, to identify the materials that needed to be treated. On Saturday, the K-9 unit inspected both the Brundage Community Branch on Circular Avenue and Whitneyville Branch on Carleton Street. No evidence of the presence of bed bugs was found in either branch building."

The Quinnipiac Valley Health District was contacted, even though bed bugs aren't considered a health hazard, according to the statement, and bedbugs hadn't been seen by anyone at Miller.

"Hamden Public Library and the Town administration has worked closely with Qiunnipiac Valley Health District in North Haven on this matter. Officials there assure us that the precautions we are taking are both prudent and proactive. According to their experts, bedbugs cause no health hazard and are considered only to be a nuisance. For further information on bedbugs, the public is urged to visit the health department's website (www.qvhd.org) or call them at 203-248-4528

"It should be noted that no bedbugs or visible evidence of their presence has been seen by anyone in the Miller library building at any time. Action was taken based on an anonymous phone call from a woman who said she had found a bedbug in a book she had borrowed from the library. She would not identify herself nor the book so there was no way to investigate the details of her report. Quest Pest Control was contacted within an hour of her phone call and the first inspection of Miller Library was made at 8 a.m. the next morning."

Anyone with book they checked out before the scare is asked to return them in a ziplock bag in order to assure that the bugs are not again brought into the building.

"Patrons who have any concerns about materials they have borrowed from the library are advised to return them to any of our 3 branches in sealed Ziplock bags. We thank the public for their patience and understanding regarding this matter. We regret any inconvenience this has caused our borrowers and want to assure them that this problem has been addressed thoroughly and expeditiously with our responsibility to the public foremost in our decision-making.

"And, finally, we would like to thank the Mayor's office and other town officials for their aid and assistance. The fact that they made this a priority resulted in a concerted effort to bring this incident to a swift and satisfactory conclusion."

Linda C August 20, 2012 at 04:08 PM
I'm sure it will cost quadruple the original quoted price. Isn't that the way it works here in Hamden? I wonder which acquaintance of the powers to be just happened to have a Bed Bug sniffing dog or was able to borrow one from the shelter? Let's of course not forget the up and coming law suits from those claiming their infestation from one of Hamden's Libraries. Believe me THIS ISN'T OVER BY ANY MEANS! $$$$$$$$
General Ned Ludd August 20, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Linda...seriously? Your paranoia and vindictiveness are showing. Did a PW employee run over your cat or something? Do you have some special insight as to the final cost? Is so, pass it on. Also, "bed bug sniffing dogs" are highly trained and reliable animals...people generally don't "happen to have" one nor can you "borrow one from the shelter". "Up and coming law suits" related to bed bugs from the library? Do the bed bugs have some special mark that proves that's where they came from? Maybe they have a better vocabulary than other bed bugs from hanging around in all those books. I want to hear what the bed bugs have to say that fell out of Ann Coulter's books! Maybe we should have given the Mayor a can of RAID and had him spend the weekend spraying the library...would that have made you happy? Anyway, I just heard that the bed bug sniffing dogs are now eligible for a Town pension...with benefits. They will get seven times what people get because of that whole "dog years" thing...
Linda C August 20, 2012 at 06:18 PM
Aah Ned FINALLY, someone who gets me! For sure the dogs have reached tenure, since I believe in Hamden it's anything over 6 consecutive hours! They not only qualify for pension and benefits, they now have a lifetime seat on the BOARD. Might not be a bad thing, a couple of Milk Bones in your pocket and maybe the meetings will go our way for a change. I'm sure Rubinowitz will ask for a few million more to purchase anti bed bug text books for the entire school system. As far as future bed bug lawsuits, you are aware of Hamden's philosophy aren't you? Pay first ask questions later, if it doesn't add up then pay court and attorney fees in hopes of recouping the payouts. Looking forward to seeing how this relatively minor matter will costs us tax payers MILLIONS!
Thomas Alegi August 20, 2012 at 08:57 PM
Linda, cannot wait to read your new book, “Insightful Journey”
Don Charles August 20, 2012 at 09:04 PM
From Ann Coulters book I don't know what they would have said. From Obama's book they would have said "It's All Bush's Fault". By the way this mornings news said that Jackson did not know when the library would open and it would be when they thought it would be clear. Maybe if he came into his office a bit more he would have been informed that they were opening today.


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