Hamden Democrats Meet Dec. 16

They'll discuss the recent election and plan for next year.

The Hamden Democratic Town Committee will hold its next meeting on Monday, Dec. 16, at 7 p.m. in the Senior Center at Miller Memorial Library, 1901 Dixwell Ave., Hamden.

At the meeting, the Town Committee will discuss the 2013 municipal election results and the 2014 Democratic calendar.  

Town Committee members’ terms end in 2014; in January, there will be caucuses to elect new members of the Town Committee in each of the nine districts, and in March, the Town Committee will elect officers for the next two years.

For more information, please contact the Hamden Democratic Party, www.hamdendemocrats.com, or visit the Hamden Democrats on Facebook.


Patricia Laudano December 06, 2013 at 11:04 AM
Perhaps they should discuss the stupid decision of our Mayor to supply everyone in the Town of HAMDEN with new trash and recycling barrels! First off Mr. Mayor the Hamden colors are green and gold, not green and BLUE! Blue is the color for New Haven. If you wish to use blue, move to New Haven and be their Mayor. Would make me a lot happier!!! Also, we use two very large trash barrels now and about 5-6 regular size trash barrels for recycling! You want us to recycle, well I hope they are not the same silly litter containers the town supplied last time. I would have needed a dozen or more of them!! And I guess its time for me to sign up for handicapped pick up. I have been struggling to do my share and put out my trash and recycling myself, but, now the poor trash and recycling men are going to have to come and drag it all out to the truck themselves and bring all the barrels back. I am sure they are going to love all the extra work that our lovely Mayor is making for them. And I am so glad to hear that the town has so much money that they can afford to pay for all these new barrels. I am sure the money could well have been put into the pension plan that is so depleted that the town is close to bankruptcy. Again, another Mayor re-elected to waste the town's money. Just what we need in a time of crisis. When will the citizens of the town wake up and smarten up and put someone, anyone, in office that has a clue as to how to spend money carefully and not foolishly on such stupid things as new trash and recycling bins. We were doing just fine the way things were. Do you really think, Mr. Mayor, that this is going to make those people who don't chose to recycle start! No, they will just toss the barrels aside and continue to do what they are doing now and just use the new trash barrels to throw everything away. And those of use that were doing their best to recycle and do the right thing have extra work to do. Why don't you concentrate on more pressing matters. Or are new trash barrels the only thing you can handle! And by the way, as I previously stated, BLUE is not a Hamden color. It has been green and gold for as long as I can remember, or have you finally made us part of New Haven as you have been trying to do all along, like by agreeing with Mayor DeStefano that the fence on Woodin Street should come down. Do us all a favor Mr. Mayor. Move to New Haven and live a very happy life and leave those of us who choose to live the simple life of a small town alone. We don't all want to become a big city like New Haven and have all of their problems that go along with it!
Glenn Farr December 06, 2013 at 03:24 PM
Stop the Presses!


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