LETTER: New Trash Bins the Last Straw

One resident doesn't like the landscape littered with the new trash bins.

To the Editor:

Hamden, Ct. in the early 1960’s when my family settled here, was the envy of the New Haven relatives. Being able to live in a beautiful picturesque New England town, we were so proud!

Tree lined streets, manicured lawns, each school with a ball field and swing set, the Plaza and the Mart at our fingertips. More expensive to live than the former Hill Section, but still very reasonable for what was offered.

Hamden, Ct. 2014! While riding down the major and side streets that were once the site of beauty, peace and tranquility, it is now an utter disgrace! I see nothing to be proud of any longer in the town of Hamden, in fact, just the opposite.

I am ashamed of my hometown. I am ashamed of the litter, the blight, the road conditions, the constant fear residents must live in due to the overwhelming criminal element. As I turned the corner to my street I see nothing but over grown town property that must be negotiated as to not scratch your car.

I see trash thrown into the overgrown mess, trash strewn around the curb-sides now abandoned and left with nothing but TREE STUMPS for the past two years — stumps created by the Mayors decision; that not scratching the street sweeper or paver was more of a priority than the little ambiance that was left after the Tornado of 1989.

My taxes have doubled since Jackson was first voted in, the town services have slowly been taken away or made literally impossible for residents to take advantage of. You could plan a family vacation with less effort than coordinating a trip to the dump.

But the latest decision by our illustrious mayor has to be one of the most poignant in realizing he has no vision for Hamden other than it to be the new New Haven. What a disgusting eye sore to see house after house two large monstrosities – one blue and one green. Even the most beautifully manicured lawn, painted / decorated house and paved driveway is brought down with the inability to hide the new trash receptacles the size of a compact car.

Why not a dumpster at the end of each block? At least then the middle of the block stands a chance of looking decent. For all the money wasted in this town on nonsense, I can’t believe this was necessary! Who seems to benefit here? The trash company who can now function with less manpower? 

Once again Mayor Jackson, BAD DECISION!! You who grew up in this town, you who spout the phrase you want your children to grow up in the Hamden you did. Yet you continuously make decisions that bring this town down year after year! 

I guess it’s true what they say, you can’t go home – especially when the powers to be are insisted on making the place nothing but an OVER PRICED CRAP HOLE!! 

Thanks to your decisions over the past five years, I no longer desire to live here, yet you’ve made it impossible to be able to sell! Shame on those entrusted by the voters to do what should be best for Hamden – you have no clue!!

Linda Connors
Ann February 13, 2014 at 05:29 PM
The Administration's dirty little secret is that the Town PAID for the microchips but has no intention of making use of the data that they provide. The whole idea is that each home should put out a certain ratio (by weight) of trash (twice every two weeks) and recycling (once every two weeks) and, if it doesn't Curt Leng will come after you and hit you, as hard as he can, with a feather. However, there are so many variables in the mix (for example, some neighbors are using other people's bins for their single bags of trash so that they don't have to manhandle their huge bins; some people won't put out recyclables every two weeks because they haven't filled their bin; some people, if they have a lot of recyclables might put some in their green trash bin if their big blue bin is full etc. etc.). The Einsteins at Center One aren't equipped to deal with these permutations and combinations. Not to mention that among bins of forty people who responded to an informal survey of mine two days ago, a third of the bins weren't emptied properly when they were picked up.
Ann February 13, 2014 at 05:33 PM
As someone on the Legislative Council wrote to me recently, "I asked Pam Roach about the ordinance and they said they were not going to enforce it. Just like they said they won't fine people for not recycling."
Ellie April 04, 2014 at 02:50 PM
Having complained bitterly about this ill-conceived rubbish collection system from its inception, I can only encourage people to take pictures of the bins laying willy-nilly all over the roads with nary a cover closed & see that the mayor gets to see the fruits of his creation. To drive down any street in this town is to see the ugly bins decorating the landscaping because homeowners have no place to store then except out in the open. Dealing with them twice on collection day is double the effort I've had to devote to rubbish in the 37 years I've lived in this town. I've been railroaded into accepting something for which I have absolutely no desire or need. As of today I was told by Ms Roach that "The Town's administration is still looking into acquiring smaller carts." So getting the 48 gal size doesn't appear to be a done deal. What a fiasco.
chuck April 04, 2014 at 09:05 PM
Ellie...you write like I do. I enjoyed reading your post. I live in another town but clearly it seems you have a debacle on your hands. Fiasco defined in the Oxford dictionary is "something that is a complete failure." You (and others) would obviously agree with that in this case. God help us. You can't make this up can you?
Ellie May 23, 2014 at 07:41 AM
The beat goes on! Hamden's rules governing rubbish collection specifically state that we're to have our bins out for pickup by 6 AM. How come this morning I was hauling the emptied bin back to the garage at 5:55 AM? I wouldn't blame residents in this area for being upset because today not everyone managed to have bins out when the truck came through. Isn't this something like adding insult to injury?


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