Meet the Candidates: Sen. Martin Looney, D-11

The incumbent Democratic senator is running unopposed.

Government Experience: State House of Representatives, 1981-92, Assistant Majority Leader (1989-90); State Senate, 1993-present, Assistant Minority Leader (1995-96), Majority Leader (1997-present) Community Experience: Board member, Fair Haven Community Health Center; board member, Community Mediation, Inc.; board member, St. Rose of Lima School; past parish trustee, past president, Saint Rose Parish Council Occupation: Attorney Education: B.A., Fairfield; M.A., UConn; J.D., UConn
Top Priorities: 1. Measures to expand opportunities and incentives for job creation and economic development. 2. Continued improvement of public education at all levels. 3. Expanded incentives for regionalism in providing government services.


What he says: I have served as 11th District State Senator since 1993 and have been an advocate for state job creation initiatives, for a more progressive revenue structure, for property tax relief for municipal property taxpayers, and for improvements to our public education system at all levels.

In addition, I have worked to expand health insurance coverage for many conditions ranging from breast cancer screenings to autism treatment. In 2011 Connecticut created a State Earned Income Tax Credit to benefit low income workers, a measure I had advocated for more than a decade.

Also the General Assembly passed a significant job creation bill which included my proposal to establish a program called STEP-UP providing state wage subsidies for up to six months for small businesses that hire the unemployed and also for small manufacturers willing to hire and train new employees.

I am profoundly grateful for the trust and confidence of the people of the 11th District who have elected me and re-elected me and also for that of my Senate Democratic colleagues who have chosen me as their Majority Leader since 2003.

marc s ruby November 02, 2012 at 12:10 PM
I think that between Joe Cisco, Rosa Delauro, and Martin Looney together they 'amass' a combined time in 'so called public service' of approximately 75 years. I think its safe to say that these 3 have both met and exceeded their 'Comfort Zone' in Government !!! They now exist on the 'Gravy Train' of Government. Our Forefathers never indended that our representatives become 'Career Politicians !!!! Senator Looney (with by far the most time in gov't) in generalizations claims to want to' expand opportunities for job creation,improve Public education,expand incentives for Regionalization etc... . These are all 'Concepts and generaliztions !!! During 'Looney's tenure the Graduation rate from High Schools has taken a major dive/hit,property taxes in Both Hamden and New Haven continue to increase year after year. I lived in Hamden my whole life and 2 things you can count on are -more money for 'Education' (with no accountability or increase in student scores) plus the yearly benefit of 'Increased Property Taxes !!! And you tell me going forward things are going to change-give me a break !!! We need New Blood ,New Idea;s-out with the old and in with the New !!! Otherwise its more of the same Forever-you decide ....


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