Connecticut's College System Facing $5.5 Million Deficit

Tuition and fee hikes implemented this year won't yield badly-needed revenues until 2014.

Southern Connecticut State University Credit: SCSU
Southern Connecticut State University Credit: SCSU
Written by Patch editor Eileen McNamara.

The library at Central Connecticut State University, one of the schools in the Connecticut college system. Credit: CCSUDespite millions of dollars in cuts this year the state’s college and university system is facing a $5.5 million deficit for the fiscal year that ends July 1. 

Finance officials for the state’s Board of Regents for Higher Education learned this week that cutbacks in staffing and other budget reductions, including a hiring freeze that was intended to stave off a budget shortfall, have not worked and the board will have to take additional cost-saving measures, according to the Connecticut Mirror.

While the board recently approved tuition hikes across the system, which includes four state universities and nine community colleges, those increases don’t take effect until the 2013-2014 school year. 

"The situation seems pretty dire," the Mirror quotes Gary Holloway, chairman of the Board of Regent’s finance committee. The committee, Holloway added, has not yet determined how to make up the shortfall. 

The cuts made earlier by the Board of Regents eliminated 400 staff members from the college system and saved it $14.8 million, the Mirror reports. 

Those cuts proved controversial with students and staff, some of whom protested and complained that the state is giving the system much less attention than it does the University of Connecticut, which is not part of the state college system. Students this year also protested the state college system’s decision to hike tuition by more than 5 percent for in-state commuters and 4 percent for in-state students who live on one of the four university campuses. 
JimK May 08, 2013 at 01:09 PM
How much was the grant/slush/bribery fund the state just forced the community college system to spend on pointless and expensive upgrades to buildings and machinery while cutting instructors and classes? Just curious. Because state money is state money, and NVCC alone didn't seem to desperately need 2-3 million in new machines.
cheryl May 09, 2013 at 07:44 AM
Upgrades to the municipal building in Hamden including CCSC is all done thru ICLEI. "International" Council for "LOCAL" Environmental Initiatives. Lets get this straight- An International organization based in Germany is setting the guidelines for our local gov, legislative council to implement. Yep, AND WE'RE PAYING. WE are also paying for this traffic calming which is part of the UN's Agenda 21 which ICLEI is part of their grand plan. You should research this and find out just what this is all about. There is a book called Democrats Against Agenda 21. If the Democrats are against it - it must be BAD. It's about YOUR property rights, where you live, how much energy you use ( smart meters) all that good stuff. It's all for CONTROL. Read it learn about it and then be against it.
cheryl May 09, 2013 at 07:50 AM
Did you see that the EU is now regulating SEEDS. Yep, this is bad folks. It's all part of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development and Hamden was signed on to this radical environmental program in 2003 by Henrici. Wise up. Keep voting against your best interest. The next generation will pay the price for our mis-steps. Your kids and mine and our grandchildren. NO freedom, NO liberty, Just unelected beaurocrats i.e. Christine LaGrande - head of IMF-making decisions which affect you and me. Think about that. You must start paying attention.


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