Letter: Schoonmaker on Students Returning to School

Here is the latest message from Superintendent Scott Schoonmaker on students returning to school after the tragedy in Newtown and on the schools' security plans moving forward.


The following is the message that was sent to parents on Sunday night from Superintendent Scott Schoonmaker as students return to school after the Newtown shooting and security plans for the North Branford School District moving forward.

Good Evening Parents and Guardians,

As our students prepare to return to the classroom tomorrow morning, the crisis support team will be available in each building to provide age-appropriate answers to student questions.

The entire staff, at all buildings, will be meeting to review protocol prior to the start of the student day. North Branford police officers will be stationed in the
main entry point of each building and all visitors will be required to sign in. All exterior doors, as well as interior classroom doors, will be locked and secured.  

The North Branford Police and Superintendent of Schools will be conducting a safety audit of all buildings, along with a security system consultant, who will be evaluating the main entrance and other entry points. The school district, along with the North Branford Police Department are committed to making every effort to keep our schools safe.

If you have questions, please contact your child's building administrator (school contact information below) with your concerns.

Scott Schoonmaker

North Branford High School
North Branford Intermediate School
Totoket Valley Elementary School
Jerome Harrison Elementary School

Audrey Fitting December 18, 2012 at 01:18 AM
I pray for our children in North Branford. This tragic and savage rampage is something i could never imagine happening in CT. These educators and babies are so innocent, and an evil person brutally snuffed lives out lives as if they were target practice pages. We need to put God back in school. Damn those who ever changed that.


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